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A while back I made up a list of things I wanted to do while living in Chicago. I didn't get to all of them. Now I will make a similar list for Madison.

  • Spend a night or two at a B&B in the woods when there is snow on the ground.
  • Visit the Apostle Islands.
  • Visit Kickapoo Valley Reserve.
  • Visit Circle Sanctuary.
  • Bike the Military Ridge Trail to Governor Dodge State Park.
  • Make use of some of the other bike trails in Wisconsin.
  • Visit Little Norway.
  • Visit House on the Rock.
  • Avail myself of some of the cultural programs at Folklore Village.
  • Visit the University in search of the scenic drive people keep telling us about.
  • Visit Cave of the Mounds.

    This list will probably be growing. Suggestions welcome as always.
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    Things I want to do while we live in Chicago:
  • Go on an overnight biking trip along part of the G.I.T.
  • Go to Europe?
  • Spend a night or two at a B&B in the woods when there is snow on the ground.
  • Go to a Cubs game.
  • Go up in the John Hancock building (again--went when I was in high school).
  • See the Chicago Board of Trade (again--went when I was in high school)
  • Go backpacking in Shenandoah National Park

    Things I've done (or scheduled) from the above list as of Nov 16th, 2007
  • Go to Rockford at least once more, and at least once during the summer.
  • Go to New York (specifically Niagara Falls and Watkins Glen)
  • Go backpacking in Shawnee National Forest.
  • Go to Cancun.

    Things I've done since moving to Chicago which I'd recommend other temporary Chicago-ites do at least once before moving away:
  • Visit the Field Museum.
  • Visit the Museum of Science and Industry.
  • Visit the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford (well, maybe not worth the trip all on it's own--but if you go to Rockford).
  • Bike the drive.
  • Bike the Skokie sculpture garden.
  • Go on an architecture boat tour.
  • Visit the Baha'i temple in Wilmette.
  • Go swimming in the lake.
  • Bike the Elroy-Sparta trail (Wisconsin).

    Other things I've done while failing to do the things which are actually on my list:
  • Hiking at Starved Rock State Park
  • "Backpacking" at Rock Island State Park (Wisconsin)
  • Backpacking at Black River State Forest (Wisconsin)

    Anybody want to suggest things to add to these lists? Anything particularly worth doing that I might have missed or not know about?

    Now that it looks like Josh may not be staying for his Ph.D., and therefore could be done with grad school before our lease is up next summer (this is totally not for sure yet, but looks reasonably likely), it looks like we could have a pretty busy year ahead of us if we try to do everything on my list. But I think I see that as a good thing.
  • Make up

    May. 24th, 2006 02:30 pm
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    I never thought I'd say it, but I think I want to start wearing make up. I've been thinking about this for a very very long time. I think the first time I wore make up not on stage was for my senior pictures in high school. My mom was really disappointed in my senior photos because she didn't think I looked much like me. She was so disappointed, in fact, that she tried to get me to go back for a second sitting without make up. I said no. I really liked how I looked in my senior photos--I looked like the glamerious beautiful girl I always secretly wanted to be. But as much as I secretly wanted to be that girl, (1) it was a secret I didn't feel like letting anyone in on, and (2) I wanted to be her secretly because I was afraid of attracting "the wrong kind of men". Also, it seriously felt vain.

    So there you have it. I'm not worried about attracting the wrong kind of men anymore because I know I wont be tempted to go out on a date with them and I don't have to worry about sorting the right sort out from the wrong sort any more. And after I post this, it will no longer be a secret. It still feels vain... but I think I can get over that part with practice... most other women seem to manage it.


    May. 17th, 2006 05:19 pm
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    Dude! What's up with the weather?!

    I'm used to rain. We get rain in Oregon. But this? I don't know what's up with this!

    This morning it was beautiful out, sunny, warm, I had to take my sweater off it was so nice. This afternoon waiting for the train, it was a little overcast out, but still nice. I got off the train in Des Plaines and it's still overcast but nice. I walk to the corner and cross the street. I wait for the light to change and start walking the other way as I notice some rain and hail starting to fall. By the time I reach the other side of the street, the sky has opened up and I am dashing under the awning of a law office to put on my rain coat.

    I proceed to walk home as it continues to rain lions and wolverines. Barely a block from home, the rain stops, almost as abruptly as it started, and I walk inside feeling like a drowned rat. But without any right to say, "Wow, it's raining so hard out there!" because it isn't... anymore.
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    Well, actually I learned something new yesterday.

    When setting up A/V equipment, do not plug in cords you are not using. Specifically, when using the red and white cables for audio between the DVD player and the reciever, but S-Video for the video to the projector from the DVD player, do not try to keep the yellow cable safe by connecting it between the yellow hole on the DVD player and a random unused audio input on the reciever. I don't know if we were getting cross-talk between the wires, or if for some reason we were hearing from that audio input on the reciever as well as the one that was connected, but MAN, nasty noise as soon as the DVD player got turned on. NASTY. We wrapped the speaker wires in aluminum foil, moved the DVD player to various positions in relation to the reciever, nothing worked... until we unplugged that yellow cable. At which point of course we felt kind of stupid, having probably subjected the cable to more potential harm with all that moving around than we would have by not connecting it to anything in the first place.


    Jan. 22nd, 2006 12:32 pm
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    My ipod has been sitting to dry for most of the past week. Within a day of the accident, it was working again, except for the battery... which was always dead, even if I had just charged it for a while. I plugged it in to charge this morning an hour or so ago, and just checked on it. It shows charge when I unplug it!

    So yay! It seems that my iPod has survived my stupidity again!
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    First game: 130
    Second game: 78
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    So my wonderful digital camera stopped working about a year ago, after I had had it just over a year and the warrantee had expired. Just this month, they issued a recall for this camera for the exact problem I seem to be having, which they will fix for free.

    Except actually they don't because I don't have the recept and warrantee card anymore. They can't provide free service to my camera if I cannot prove that I purchased it legally. However, they can charge me to repair my camera even if it is stolen property. Because that makes so much sense. Bah.

    How many people still have this sort of stuff lying around for a product they purchased over 2 years ago? Are they just trying to get away with not fixing any cameras for free, or am I just a weirdo. I've only moved like two or three times since I purchased the damn thing...
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    A google search for "copper rings wedding" turns up my photo gallery with pictures of our wedding rings and info about making them.

    As the first hit. Awesome.

    (I know this because I got a comment from someone who wanted to know where to buy rings like ours and found the gallery that way.)

    (I can't believe the LJ spell checker still doesn't know that google is a word.)

    (Speaking of which, I can't believe it still doesn't know that LJ is a word.)

    Edit: And "two towers wedding dress" brings up my photo gallery of my wedding dress as the first hit, where as "eowyn wedding dress" brings it up as the 3rd hit.

    More stuff

    Sep. 18th, 2005 01:12 am
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    Anyone have any ideas why Josh and I might not be recieving our mail? I changed my address with my credit card company when I paid my last bill over a month ago, however, I have yet to recieve this month's bill (normally they arrive between the 9th and 12th of the month). We are paying for a bunch of utilities in this apartment and they have been in our name since... shoot, mid-July? could we really have been here that long? And we have yet to recieve a bill, even though they'd really have no excuse whatsoever to not know where we live (this includes electricity, gas, AND phone/internet). My mom sent me my invitation to my sister's shower "ages ago" but it has not arrived.

    The netflix continue to arrive just fine. My credit union statements get here (the credit card is a separate company). Geico has had no trouble getting mail to us. Shoot, even the closing utility bills from our last apartment got to us here.

    I am getting very worried. Yes, our names are on the mailbox. Anybody have any suggestions?


    In other news, I now know what watershed I live in... which is a happy thought which does make me feel more grounded. (Watered?)

    But ugh... it's the 21st century, I'd like to know where I am in the postal system too!
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    "I'll have what she's having."

    I love this movie.
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    Going to a bridge club is fun... it's too bad they go so fricken late and there is work the next day.

    We came in 5th out of like 12 pairs... which means we got about 1/4 of a match point... go us.

    Should go to bed now.

    Not so much getting my "chores" done when I am gone from 8am until 11:30pm... but that's okay, it's not like we ate at home or anything... and I think this does count as quality time together (not that going to a bridge club always counts as quality time together, only when we don't get upset with each other all evening).
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    Josh and I are the most pathetic people ever. We miss each other when we are at work.

    But we get to leave early today and go sign a lease and start moving into our new apartment.

    Yay for an hour less away from home every working day starting next week.
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    As silly as I think people are who plan to get engaged for a long time before they actually do, I sure do get a kick out of reading about it in their journals. And I mean that it a good way. It's really cute.

    There are not a huge number of things in the world that I can look at and think both "I wouldn't be caught dead doing that," and "that's really cute (in a good way)." But this is certainly one of them.

    Good news

    Jul. 14th, 2005 09:56 pm
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    I just thought I'd share the good news with everyone:

    Tomorrow is Friday!!!

    And our new social security cards will be coming in about 2 weeks. We got our "receipts" back from the social security office. They didn't complain about the fact that our Oregon marriage license didn't have our married names on it, or that we're being unconventional, or that we put two name change requests in one envelope with one "proof of name change document" which didn't actually include a proof of name change. So I can now stop worrying about that and move on to worrying about the DMV (since believe it or not, you can change your name with the Feds and then have the state government deny you a name change... because that makes about as much sense as someone counting as married in New Hampshire but not in California).
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    There must be something romantic that I can't see about that particular branch. Of maybe it's just that time of year and that is the branch I can see out my window.
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    Can you even imagine trying to have sex while standing on the back of someone who was perched on spindly little branch 2 and a half stories up on a windy day?

    I suppose it would be less scary if you had wings.


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