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There were a large number of kids at Squirrel Moon this year, mostly not dancing, just hanging out and playing while their parents danced.  Anyway, one of the mother's had a cute story about her kids that came up when Big John was complaining in rather strong terms about the heat at Pine Woods.  Specifically, she said that she's been telling her five year old not to use the F-word.  Her 5-year-old uses the F-word??  Well, in a matter of speaking.  Her 5-year-old complains a lot about things being fair between her and her sister.  "But Mommy, it's not FAIR!"  And her mom is like, "Don't use the F-word with me!"  It's pretty obvious that it's going to come back to bite her someday... but she told about how recently they'd been singing songs out of "Rise Up Singing" with their Quaker group (I need to see if I can hang out with these people!) and one of the songs was about the F-word.  The chorus goes like this:

  We sit down to have a chat
  It's F-word this and F-word that
  I can't control how you young people
  Talk to one another
  But I don't wanna hear you use
  That F-word with your mother

And of course her daughter wants an explanation.  Which is of course that this song is about a mother who is really really frustrated with her kids complaining about things not being fair. So far she buys it.  I'll be interested to hear the reaction when she gets old enough to find out what the F-word really is though...

Long sleep

Nov. 1st, 2008 10:52 am
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I went to bed at 9pm last night, a half hour or so after Josh, and didn't get up until 9am this morning.  I didn't feel rested before that (Josh tried to get me to go have "breakfast" with him at 6:30am because he was hungrier than he was tired, but I was too tired for that).  Josh kept me up some, with his sneezing and wheezing, but not that much.  I feel a lot better this morning, and so does he.  He fairly clearly had a fever last night... I should have realized immediately when I got home and turned down the heat because it was so beastly hot inside.  But it was pretty clear when I found him in bed under both down comforters with the bedroom temperature reading 71 degrees.  We've been sleeping under both down comforters lately, but the heat went on for the first time this season yesterday... so previously we'd been using both down comforters when it was like 59 degrees in the bedroom.  I finally got him to take his temperature at 6 in the morning, which in hindsight he thinks was actually after the fever broke (he'd already tossed off some of the covers), and it came in at 100.3.  Makes me wonder what it was before...  But anyhow, his temperature was all the way down to normal by the time we got up this morning.  I'm working on my fancy dress and I think we're on for the party tonight (yay!)... though I think perhaps we should refrain from bringing a potluck dish, just in case we are still contagious, beyond the big giant bowl of leftover candy. 

Anyway, I hope I really truly am better this morning.  I so don't want to come down with what Josh had... he was pretty miserable. 
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... but I wish she knew a bit more about sewing.

A few years ago she gave me this pattern (and accompanying fabric) for a nice garment that really wasn't my style, so I never made it.  But it is just what I need for Halloween this year, so I am making it now.  Now I'm sure she thought that a pattern with sizes 6 through 12 would, of course, contain the right size for me.  And it would... if sewing sizes were like store bought clothing sizes.  In sewing sizes I am a 15.  Fortunately I do know how to size up patterns, so it should still work.  But it would have been easier with the right size...  silly sewing sizes...

No, you don't get to know the costume yet.  I'll post pictures after Halloween, and hope that I am recognizable enough for people to figure it out. 

And now I shall to bed, in hopes of not getting any sicker than I already am.  Because I so can't afford to miss work right now. 

Actually, that's not quite true.  I wanted to say that I am really enjoying playing volleyball.  And I made my first spike today.  Okay, so it wasn't like an amazing spike or anything (it came back), but it did go over the net and I am very proud of that... never done that before.  I don't mean never in a game either, I mean never ever.  And last week I served a whole bunch of times in a row... and not just a whole bunch for me, it was a whole bunch by our team's standards too (of course, that's not "all me" or anything, but most of the time most of us can't make that many good serves in a row to start with).  I'm not sure I'm not still the weakest player on the court, but for once I'm not sure that I am either... at any rate I don't feel like a horrible liability to the team anymore, and I feel really awesome about that. 


Aug. 14th, 2008 09:44 pm
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Did I mention that Josh and I signed up to play Volleyball with people from work? Anyhow, our first practice was today, and driving over there I was thinking to myself, "Why did I sign up for this? I'm going to have a horrible time and then feel bad about quitting but worse about staying on the team," but instead I had a really really really good time. I'd forgotten how much I liked volleyball... and I don't suck quite as much as I remembered either. Also, I don't think I've ever played in sand before. I actually liked it because I'm so clumsy to begin with it wasn't that much of a hindrance... and it hurts a lot less to fall down on than I've imagine the gym floor would (and tried very hard to avoid learning about first hand). We also purchased a volleyball on the way home so that I can maybe get in some extra practice and learn how to sometimes make the ball go in the desired direction rather than a random direction when I hit it. That would be useful...

Yay volleyball! Yay socialization!
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Our lock on our front door has been very stiff and hard to unlock since we moved in. Basically, it catches about 1/4 inch from unlocked, and it's really hard to get it that last 1/4 inch. It's a bit easier on the inside though, because you have more leverage. Shortly after we moved in, Josh put some WD40 on the shaft and in the keyhole, and that helped, but it was still difficult. Last Friday night, we ended up going in through the garage it was so stiff. I decided we should just replace the lock, but I didn't know how hard that would be. So I grabbed a screw driver and started taking the lock apart to see. Turns out, there's not much to disassembling a lock, but once we had it open and started fiddling with it, we could see where it was catching! We lathered it up good with the WD40 and put it back together. Now the lock works like a dream! Last night, coming home with my hands full, I was able to unlock and open the door with one hand!!!!! Ah, life's little pleasures...

Run down of my full day yesterday )
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We had a busy weekend. I don't really recall what we did on Friday. Probably we tried to relax a little. Saturday we got up early (for the weekend), and drove down to Mandy and Ed's place. We arrived in time for lunch and enjoyed visiting with Mandy and Ed. Eventually the Hyde Park folks got out of bed and made their way out to Oak Park too, and we got to see them. Then we went to Newt's 30 birthday party and had a great time there too. Talked some, played some bridge, and got attacked by children who wanted to have tickle fights with me and other such things as needing me to play jumping games with them and do the hokie pokie. Afterward we had another nice visit with Mandy and Ed in the evening, and then in the morning over Mandy's yummy french toast. It was very nice to see everyone, and I'm really glad that my work trip half of this weekend's trip got cancelled and I didn't have to cut everything short by leaving at 8pm to go to my hotel to go to sleep so I could get up ungodly early.

Then we drove home... by way of Prime Outlets for a lid, and ended up taking forever while Josh tried on lots of pants and dress shoes. We eventually found a promising pair of potential dance shoes and bought them... a major accomplishment... the last time he found a pair of potential dance shoes that seemed likely enough to try to buy, we were also shopping for wedding shoes for him. Yes, our wedding. No, he didn't end up liking them as dance shoes. Then we continued on home, but stopped at Goodwill, where we took forever while I tried on pants. I found some good dress pants that I've been feeling a lack of for go-lives, and we also somehow brought home a nice pair of dry clean only dress pants for Josh... one of us put them in the cart for him to try on, and whichever of us that was forgot to do anything about them getting tried on. Didn't realize the mistake until the tag was off... but they do at least fit him very well... which is good, because they fit me like crap. However, the awesome purchase of the day was this beautiful painting of a sunset over a stream flowing out of a lake next to a little cottage surrounded by snow covered evergreen trees. Very pretty.

Then when we finally got home, there was a UHaul outside Chris and Mandy's townhouse. Mandy was over at their new house, and Chris was loading the UHaul. We helped load it and with some packing, then went over to the new house with him and helped upload. (Small loads because the new house is 1/2 mile away.) We got a tour of their lovely new house, then went back with Chris for another load while Mandy went to the grocery store and made some dinner. Chris and Mandy, who have been at this since Friday, were pretty beat and decided that since everything that wont fit in the car was moved, they were done moving for a little while. There's still a lot of stuff at their old place, but they have the old place until the end of June... so plenty of time for those remaining trips. We had a nice visit with them over dinner and ice cream. I think we would have become better friends with them during the past 5 months had they not been so busy with getting married and buying a house and all that. We are a little disappointed they ended up buying a house this summer... they'd been planning to wait until next summer because Mandy had a condo in Milwaukee that wasn't selling, but then they discovered they could get a bridge loan, and then they finally sold Mandy's condo anyway. Anyhow, like I said, they are only moving a half mile... so not far or anything. Hopefully they like us well enough already that the difference between next door and 1/2 mile wont matter.

Then we finally actually come home, and turned around and went directly to the grocery store, which was closed because it was 8:30. Then we came home again and did laundry, a little (not nearly enough) clean up, showered, and wrote this Livejournal entry. Now I will go to bed because it is late and tomorrow there is work. So much for getting out to Indiana Jones tonight, or working on my desk project anymore... maybe tomorrow. It's good to be busy though.
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Well, Josh chickened out on the meetup hike thing, and with 10 minutes to mentally prepare myself for going and meeting random people off the internet by myself, I chickened out too. However, we decided to work on the bookcase instead, so it's all good. We started by reassembling it without glue. I'm not sure it's actually been assembled since last summer when we took it apart to stain it. It was seriously warped, and took something like an hour and a half to get it all put back together, with a good deal of arguing along the way. It's now assembled with clamps holding everything just so. We're wondering how long we should leave it assembled (in the hopes it learns what shape it should be and gets back to it easier), or just take it apart and glue it today, because who knows how many more months it could be if we don't do it now? Anyway, I think we're going to go the today route. Because there's no time like the present.

But before we get to that, Josh is taking a break to save the world. We set the timer for 1 hour, and amazingly enough, I got the entire interweb read in that time. So I went and pressed the new hem on the pant legs of the first suit I got altered. I now have the suit on in the hopes Josh will take a picture of me in it when he is done saving the world. More details about completed and upcoming alterations. )
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Jeff: Do you have a ride to lunch?
Me: I don't know. [to Lisa] Lisa?
Lisa: Sure.
Me: [to Jeff] Yep.
Jeff: [walks away, walks back] Wait, so you need a ride or you don't need a ride?
Lisa: She's riding with me.
Me: [to Jeff] You didn't get that from our two word conversation?

I'm really going to miss her...
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I was just noticing that Gwen's (friend from grade school) wedding is a week from Saturday, according to the save the date card. I was hoping to get to go to it, hoping to find the money in the budget, but I'm thinking at this point... tickets will be too expensive. I'm also noticing that it is 9 days before the wedding and I have yet to receive the promised invitation. There's no registry and wedding website in the "universal" TheKnot search engine. I'm guessing that means there's some good gossip I'm missing out on. And now I'm feeling a little bad about missing Summer's wedding (which was two weeks ago Sunday--Summer was a good friend from my childhood too, my "twin", except for the part where she was always prettier, if you use your imagination, you can still see the resemblance). I figured since I definitely couldn't afford both, if I did go to one, it would be the one the bride and groom had been kind enough to schedule for a Saturday. Oh well, at least I don't have to go through an agonizing decision on this one?
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Persons who take an interest in backpacking should read this, even those who have already turned me down for this weekend. Others may skip it.

Rachel, Ed, Mandy, Benj... please respond with a preference, or to let me know that you don't care. Otherwise I'll think you haven't seen this, and then will have to see about learning to use a phone.

Read more... )
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Are any of my friends from home NOT getting married this year? It's not even March, and already we have received invites or save-the-date cards for 4 weddings...

Two of the Oregon weddings are inconveniently 3 weeks apart... I'd like to make it to all of them, but can you ask for worse timing than that? (Not that they know each other or anything.)
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Also, had a nice chat with my dad tonight about his surgery yesterday and the bookshelf Josh and I are building.  It's not very often that I actually talk with him on the phone.  Sometimes I call home when he is home and my mom puts it on speaker phone and he listens in, but normally it's just me and my mom talking.  It was nice to have a long talk with my dad... and I think he had good input on the bookcase project. 
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I have to say, Killer Bunnies, in spite of the name... not my most favorite game ever. Though I did win... because I am awesome and rolled like that.

Didn't make a good first impression for our first time attending the local board game meetup, but maybe we will try again and have a better experience sometime.

I got a great fortune at the Thai restaurant tonight though, but I gave it to Josh and he lost it... it was something like, "Enjoy your good health every day"... in bed. Oh yeah. I was going to take a photo of it and make it into a user icon, because I've been wanting a subtly sexual user icon. Oh well.
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My mom has Scott Parker over. They are making adventure pants. Awesome.

As of the last version of Scott's adventure pants that I heard about, they were zip offs with lots of cargo pockets and stuff, and Kevlar in the seat of the pants to keep them from wearing out as quickly. I wouldn't be surprised if they also include such things as a special pocket for the GPS so it can be out and get good visibility to the satellites without needing to hold it in your hand (he used to have a hat for that). They are for wearing on Scott Parker Hiking Adventures.

This totally makes me sad I wasn't visiting my parents for Thanksgiving so I could be making adventure pants with Scott and my mom too.


Sep. 5th, 2006 10:12 am
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It was a pretty good long weekend. For those who care... )
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I would have to say that hiking at Starved Rock seemed to be a success. We didn't cover as much distance as I expected, and it didn't take as long as I expected, but I think we managed to wear ourselves out... or at least wear many of ourselves out. It was pretty, and wooded, and the weather was just about as perfect as I could have asked for. There was only one waterfall that we went to, and it was tiny, but it was also kind of cool in that it was very accessible. It was rather a significant drive away, but I really enjoyed doing something different than what we normally do, and I got the impression that others felt similarly. Also, it was fun to see Benj for the first time in ages.

Also, I took some photos )
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Hiking Info for those interested:

Cut for the rest of you )
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Hiking... This Saturday, the 22nd... Starved Rock State Park...

Josh and I are planning on going. Anybody care to join us?

Also, there are mounds nearby at Buffalo Rock State Park, and aparently Matthiessen State Park is right up the road and has even more waterfalls, nifty bridges, and less people (but only a 2.2 mile loop trail). Probably there wont be time to do everything, but there should be plenty to choose from.

Anyway, it looks like it will be lots of fun.

Info about locations follows for interested parties (I also have a book from the library with more info on these):
Read more... )

Info on logistics will be forth coming if anyone expresses interest in joining us.

Oh, yeah, and it's just under 2 hours from us... probably more like 1.5 hours from Ed and Mandy.


Jun. 5th, 2006 08:31 am
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I had a pretty good weekend. On Saturday, we cleaned up the kitchen for the first time since our camping trip over Memorial Day Weekend, so as you can imagine, it was in pretty desperate need of it. We also did some more unpacking of the camping gear, since upon getting home we only unpacked those things which we thought might be wet and need to be aired out... and aired them out rather than putting them away. My mom asked me to take a look at how to do those cool Java menus on a webpage for her, so I also spent some time on that this weekend. Also, we did our end-of-month (beginning-of-month?) update to financial records... May was a seriously expensive month for us.

Then we went down to Hyde Park for bridge, Thai food, and Contra Dancing. My new dance shoes (jazz shoes) are working out pretty well. My feet still hurt at the end of the evening, but I'm not doing the kind of damage that causes them to hurt the next day and the following week anymore... so that's good. Also, we brought some zucchini and cucumber plants down to Hyde Park since we have far too many. Saturday morning I counted 8 zucchini plants, when probably 3 zucchini plants will produce enough zucchini for 2 people to have zucchini every night. I pulled out 5 plants to bring too Hyde Park, and discovered I still had 9 plants left... since I'd had more than I realized in the first place! And we don't even have very many zucchini compared with how many cucumber plants we have...

On Sunday we did some serious apartment cleanup. We ended up doing 4 loads of laundry, cleaned up and vacuumed the bedroom, finished putting away the camping gear, and did a decent amount of clean up in the living room (though we didn't quite get to vacuuming out there). I also took care of a number of small sewing projects, such as making some alterations to our backpacking backpacks that we discovered we wanted during our trip... though I have several more camping-related sewing projects still on my plate and awaiting supplies: an sheet-bag to go in our sleeping bags, compression sacks for our sleeping bags, and better modular waste-pack day packs for both of us. We also went down to down town Des Plaines for the "Taste of Des Plaines" and got to see lots of art, and listen to local music, and so forth. For dinner we made Indian--the Josh's chicken tikki masala turned out excellent as always, but my palak paneer was pretty disappointing. The nan from Shop & Save was okay, but I make better nan... we knew that before, but decided to make Indian too late in the day to make nan.

On Friday night we watched Kenneth Brannagh's Frankenstein, which I found to be very true to the book in such ways as having horrible dialog, but I did not like the creative license he took in resculpting the ending. But I do still think Kenneth Brannagh is pretty cool for a man with no lips. After that, we stayed up until 1am talking... we should do that more often (though only on the weekends).

So it was a nicely busy weekend. And now, back on my head.
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* May 19 (or sometime later) - "The Da Vinci Code"
* May 26 (or sometime later) - "X-men 3"
* May 27-29 - Camping in Wisconsin w/ Ed and Mandy
* June 13-18 - Anniversary Trip and E&M Wedding (tickets not yet purchased)
* June 20-July 25 - "Tennis Under the Lights" every Tuesday and Thursday evening (Des Plaines Park District - registration sent, awaiting confirmation)
* June 26-August 21 - "Beginning Yoga" every Monday evening (Des Plaines Park District - registration sent, awaiting confirmation)
* June 30-July 2 - Celebration Weekend Contra Dance in Indianapolis... likely with Micah and Ariel (?), possibly also Nick (?), maybe other people too, but I don't think we know anyone else in the area who contra dances. However, I'm not sure about us providing transportation as we are thinking of camping at the dance site and may continue on to Cincinnati afterward to see Josh's parents. (Register before June 15th if possible,
* July 2-4 - Visit Josh's parents (?)
* Labor day - do something fun and exciting of some sort
* At some point (or multiple points) - Check out the water park down the street

This looks like it's going to be a fun summer.

This list should be especially useful to Rachel. She can use it to plan her trips to Chicago so that she is always here when I have other plans.


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