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Ally is Josh's 4-year-old 1st cousin once removed (??). I met her for the first time (that I remember) at grandma's funeral last summer. We played Apples to Apples together last night. And then as I was getting ready to go, she asked me a series of questions. First she wanted to know where I was going. Then she wanted to know where my parents lived. Then she was confused when that was not where I'd said I was going. Then she wanted to know where I lived, and again was confused when that wasn't where I was going and wasn't where my parents lived.

Ally: [In a tone that makes it sound truly scandalous] Do you live by yourself???
Me: Actually, I live with my husband.
Ally: [Sounding even more scandalized] You got married???
Me: Yep.
Ally: Why???
Me: [thinks to myself, well that's kind of a big question that took me only like 2 years to answer for myself... but I don't get into that and try to manage a neutral answer at a 4-year-old level] Because we loved each other and wanted to be our own family.
Ally: Do you have any babies?
Me: [briefly consider giving her the lecture I have prepared for rude adults about how we aren't any less of a family for not having any babies yet, but again, she's 4] No, not yet.
Ally: When are you going to have babies?
Me: [Exasperatedly to the other adults nearby] Everyone keeps asking me this! And especially the kids!!
Me: [Back to Ally] Not for a few more years.
Ally: Why don't you ask Jesus to give you a baby tomorrow???

Ah, let me count the reasons...

She's lucky she's cute and too young to know any better... that's all I can say.
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There were a lot of people I didn't know at Josh's mom's family reunion a few weeks ago.  I thought this would be a family reunion at the level of Josh's cousins... not my mother-in-law's cousins.  But anyhow, I wanted to write about a funny exchange I heard there.  Some people were talking about how twins fun in the family... 

"So and so has twins, and so does so and so." 
"Yep, twins really run in the family."  
"Oh don't forget about so and so who has triplets."  
"Yeah, but that doesn't have anything to do with multiples running in the family, they have triplets because they did it three times in one night."  
"If they did it three times in one night, they deserve triplets."

Consider yourselves warned.  :-) 

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My mother- and father-in-law have asked me to call them Mom and Dad. On general principle, I'm fine with this. And I don't want to let them down or anything. I love them and they are both *like* family to me, and also *family* to me. But somehow now as I go to write an email to my mother-in-law, I find it difficult. We've been married almost 2 years... I feel like I should be used to this by now... but I've actually gone to a decent bit of effort to avoid situations where I need to use a name for them at all. I don't have so much trouble seeing my sister-in-law as just "my sister", even though that was never asked or expected of me as far as I know... in part probably because I didn't grow up with my real sister (she's 16 years older), and in part because, even though I only have the one sister, I've certainly always thought of "sister" as a natural thing to have more than one of, and to want more of. And then there's the fact that I call both sisters by their first names, not "Sister". But "Mom"? Mom is Susan, not Peggy. Mom is the woman who raised me and homeschooled me. Mom is the woman responsible for so many of my happy childhood memories. Mom is the only Mom I will ever have or want. Peggy has a special place in my life and in my heart, one that deserves to be called more than just Peggy, but I don't know what place she should have in my vocabulary, because... what can I say? Mom feels... taken. I can't help but feel like it takes something away from my mom to call another woman "Mom".

I don't suppose I could get away with calling her "Aunt Peggy"? Or perhaps "Mamadorf"? Sigh. What's a girl to do?
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For the record, we're betting on Becca and John getting married the last Saturday of Spring, 2007...

Turned out to be 8 months early... oh well. :-)
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* May 19 (or sometime later) - "The Da Vinci Code"
* May 26 (or sometime later) - "X-men 3"
* May 27-29 - Camping in Wisconsin w/ Ed and Mandy
* June 13-18 - Anniversary Trip and E&M Wedding (tickets not yet purchased)
* June 20-July 25 - "Tennis Under the Lights" every Tuesday and Thursday evening (Des Plaines Park District - registration sent, awaiting confirmation)
* June 26-August 21 - "Beginning Yoga" every Monday evening (Des Plaines Park District - registration sent, awaiting confirmation)
* June 30-July 2 - Celebration Weekend Contra Dance in Indianapolis... likely with Micah and Ariel (?), possibly also Nick (?), maybe other people too, but I don't think we know anyone else in the area who contra dances. However, I'm not sure about us providing transportation as we are thinking of camping at the dance site and may continue on to Cincinnati afterward to see Josh's parents. (Register before June 15th if possible,
* July 2-4 - Visit Josh's parents (?)
* Labor day - do something fun and exciting of some sort
* At some point (or multiple points) - Check out the water park down the street

This looks like it's going to be a fun summer.

This list should be especially useful to Rachel. She can use it to plan her trips to Chicago so that she is always here when I have other plans.
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It's been a big weekend.

On Tuesday night Josh's parents and sister arrived. I stopped on my way home from work and purchased a 24 Piece Pyrex Bake Ware set from Bed Bath and Beyond, which included (among other things), several flat baking dishes with Tupperware-like lids. We already had several flat baking dishes, but not lids, so I've been wanting this bake ware set for a while, and Thanksgiving seemed like a good excuse to actually buy it.

On Wednesday, we visited, made pies, made sour cream rolls, made peach ice cream, and went to see Harry Potter.

On Thursday we made and ate a really yummy dinner of Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, yam, sour cream rolls, corn bread, broccoli, cranberry sauce, pie, and ice cream. We made it all ourselves except for the cranberry sauce. Though I suppose one could argue that God made the broccoli and yam, as we had them plain... if one believed in God or was speaking metaphorically. Anyway, it was all really yummy, and the most amazing thing was that we got the whole kitchen cleaned up in like 20 minutes after finishing dinner... thanks to many hands, the dish washer, and the wonders of my new Pyrex--baking, serving, and refrigerating in the same dish. We played games in the evening and went through the ads for sales on Friday. Josh's father found a few things he wanted to go out and buy at 5am, and Josh and I found a nice looking projector at Best Buy for only $450 after mail-in rebates, so we also made plans to wake up in time to be at Best Buy when it opened (since there were only guaranteed to be two at each location).

Friday started at 4:10am with the BBC courtesy of NPR... not very often we wake up before Morning Edition starts! We were at Best Buy by quarter to 5am, but the parking lot was full and the line was already stretching half way around the store. Bare in mind that this is at 4:45 in the A. M. and 25 degree weather. Right, so we didn't even bother to park. We drove to Circuit City, since they also had a projector on sale and we figured maybe they were a less popular store. But then we decided we weren't really interested in the more expensive but less shiny projector from Circuit City and went home.

We went back to bed around quarter to 6, but then got up again at 8 so we could go to the outlet mall with Josh's parents and sister. I had hoped to find some turtle neck wool sweaters in nice colors, but no such luck. Almost all the stores had the same colors of turtle neck sweaters, and I didn't like them much... and the wool turtle necks were few and far between, and generally pretty ugly. I did find a nice royal blue turtle neck in cotton and got it. I also found a nice soft replacement Dr. Who scarf for the scratchy Dr. Who scarf that I purchased for Josh for his birthday last year. Then we went to the Corning/Corelle outlet store just to look. Oh my God, that store is so awesome! All this wonderful kitchen stuff, and you can buy single pieces rather than sets! I got Tupperware-like lids for our Pyrex that we had before I got the 24 piece set, and Tupperware-like lids for our Corning bake ware too. They also had our "china" (Corelle) pattern, so we got ourselves another little serving bowl. Anyhow, the store was awesome! All our bake ware (except the loaf pan, pie pans, and muffin pans) now have Tupperware-like lids! Which is totally awesome because now we can refrigerate stuff we made in them without putting it into other Tupperware and without doing the plastic wrap thing, which I hate for two reasons (a) it's wasteful of plastic, and (b) you can't really stack anything on top. So yeah, the Corning/Corelle outlet store *really* made my weekend.

Then we came home and changed and drove down town to see Wicked. We gave ourselves an hour to get there, which should have been plenty on a normal day, but of course we were trying to drive around down town Chicago on the biggest shopping day of the year. We spent literally 15 minutes in the same block waiting to turn right a mile away from our destination (the corner of Ohio and Michigan--so really in the heart of it). We ran for the play and made it only because it started 10 minutes late: we ran in, sat down, and the lights dimmed. Wicked was awesome. Okay, the plot and the songs I thought were mediocre, but the performance was amazing, as was the singing, set, lighting, etc. When we got out it was snowing. We walked to Giordano’s for dinner, then drove back and had black berry pie for Becca's birthday.

Today was more relaxed. Josh's parents and sister went to Ikea, and Josh and I went to the hardware store for some odds and ends, mailed my camera back to Minolta for repairs, and got the oil changed in the car. Then we all came back and played some card games. They Josh's parents and sister went to see Josh's local Aunt and Uncle (who were in California seeing other relatives all week before Thanksgiving) for dinner. We didn't go along because we were pooped.

We've now said goodbye to Josh's parents, and we will be taking Josh's sister to the airport in the morning.

It's been a big weekend.


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