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I think I just got my geek card revoked on account of not having heard of the macbook air until I saw one tonight in Best Buy. That thing is seriously sexy.
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I feel like I am stripping paint off of Gabriel's trumpet.
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I have a very important question for people who know more about astronomy and astrophysics and particle physics than I do. How do we know that other galaxies are not made up entirely of anti matter?

I've read many places that more matter was created in (or right after) the big bang than anti matter, but I've never heard an explanation as to why or how this is believed to have happened, only that it seems it must have happened because the universe has so much more matter than anti matter in it. That is a pretty unsatisfactory answer and it also just begs the question, how do we know those other galaxies are made up of matter and not anti matter?

They seem like they are awful far away for us to be able to look through our telescopes and see what the charges on the elementary particles are...

This has really been bugging me lately...
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It's cool to be naked.

And totally more energy efficient than running the AC.

Unfortunately it also increases the potential energy barrier between me and the fabric store.


May. 14th, 2005 07:22 am
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Well, I disassembled my laptop last night (with our awesome new screwdriver set--thanks Kay, you rock). The connection between the power plug reciever (or whatever that should be called), and the mother board seems to be broken. At least the slight bits of possible movement and the clicking noises, and the complete lack of ability for it to see power seem to suggest that. Anyway, I got it all disassembled hoping that it would be relatively trivial to re-solder it. No such luck unfortunately. There's metal casing stuff that seems to be attached to the mother board that is going to make reaching in there to do it next to impossible for starts... plus, soldering to the mother board is hardly something to be taken lightly. It was pretty cool to see how it came apart though.

It strikes me as a poor engineering job to have the power thingy soldered directly to the mother board though. The other moving parts (screen, keyboard, etc) are connected to wires which plug in to the mother board. That seems a lot smarter. The design on the power plug though, means that every time it gets plugged in, there is a force applied to the plug reciever which is perpendicular to the solder joint to the mother board, and every time the cord get moved about while plugged into the computer, you get little rocking forces (imagine the forces you apply to a loose tooth when you wiggle it). Sigh. For $300 I can get myself a new mother board, but I don't want to sink that much money into a machine that lacks internal wireless, USB 2.0, and only has a 20 GB or 30 GB hard drive... not to mention batteries that hardly hold a charge anymore. Anyhow, I'm going to be computerless until the wedding. At that point, I'll be able to bring the thing home and see if my dad thinks he can re-solder it for me. It's certainly beyond my skills, but not necessarily beyond his. And if it doesn't work... well, we haven't managed to save enough money for the down payment on a condo by the time our lease is up anyway.
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All at once, I am both lonely and I want to be alone.

I suppose this would come of not particularly being comfortable with the people at work, and hanging out with the same 4 people whenever we hang out with other people. Not that they aren't great people, but they are only 4 of them, and they're a lot like each other in a lot of ways too. I was afraid this would happen if we went somewhere where we already knew people. Josh was afraid that it would be even worse if we went somewhere where we didn't already know people. Maybe he was right. I don't know.

It is weird though, to be both lonely and lacking in time alone... weird in a decidedly bad way.

Also, having all-male co-workers was decidedly cooler when I was single. I never thought of myself as interested in them when I was*, but it definitely used to be more fun for whatever reason. That reason alone would be enough to convince me to choose differently if I were to choose my field of study again. I do not think I can be happy working with only men for the rest of my life. We need people like me in our schools encouraging our young women to go into science... but I don't think I could do that, I feel too royally duped.

* EDIT: That doesn't read quite right. I mean, I never thought of myself as interested in them when I was single, not when I was interested in them, because, for the most part, I am not aware of having been interested in them. Perhaps I was also not aware of being interested in them when I was interested in them, but not that I am aware of. Clear now?
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If Banach-Tarski Banach-Tarski is an anagram for Banach-Tarski, then what's an anagram for Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky?
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We need a frig with two doors so that it can be a queue instead of a stack. We'd waste less food that way.


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