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Josh and I went through our closet and filled a big box of clothes to go to Goodwill. I've been meaning to do this for a while, especially to my sweaters and button down shirts. I bought a bunch of them a few years ago when I needed to be more dressed up for work. And since I was in a hurry to get enough to wear everyday without doing laundry all the time, I ended up buying a bunch that only sort of fit and I only sort of liked. Several years of purchasing clothes later, this is so not a problem anymore... the problems lately have been finding something I want to wear among all the stuff that I don't want to wear in my closet, and a severe shortage of hangers. Neither should be problems anymore.

I still need to do the same to the clothes in my dresser. I may need another box for that. I think there may also be a box of clothes under the bed that has been closed up since we got here. If that is indeed correct, I might take it as is to the Goodwill... after checking to make sure that my Square One TV shirt isn't in there (not going to wear that again, but also not getting rid of it).

I think I have too many clothes. At least they almost all came from Goodwill (etc) in the first place.

ETA: Filled another box. Stuff under bed was 1 part things I have been looking all over for, 1 part clothes I was enthusiastic to be rid of, and 1 part old tee shirts that have sentimental value even though I don't ever expect to wear them again.
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Spent some time sanding on the new table I got for work (it's quite a nice table except for where the previous owner spilled nail polish remover on it), which could have gone faster except I was short on course sandpaper and Josh was out with the car playing tennis. Nevertheless, I'm probably about half or more done with that.

Prior to that, All Things Considered was interesting about a guy who travelled around living under various universal health care countries and then wrote a book about it.

While listening, I spent some time trying to get a compiler working on my N810. While I was at first unsuccessful, I spent more time over the Futurama movie with it, and Josh explained some of the errors to me, and lots of googling later, I now have 'Hello World' working in the terminal. Tomorrow: hello world in GUI and then see about downloading the source for the crappy camera controller and get started on seeing if I can use some cleaver algorithms to make it useful. This is a fun toy.
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Home made laundry soap is even easier with a food processor. This, a great idea from Josh.

Before, I grated the soap (which is pretty easy, it's really soft). Today I sliced the bar of soap twice long ways and 4 times short ways then dropped it in the food processor with the borax (1/2 cup) and washing soda (1 cup). Let it run for a few minutes to get a nice fine powder. Could hardly be easier...

However, I did have to cut the project slightly short (3 bars of soap worth instead of 4) when I ran out of washing soda. It's still like a 6 month supply or something.

All my work last weekend really paid off. It's noon on Saturday and the house is already nice and tidy. The laundry is already done (including some hand wash stuff that's been waiting for months). The kitchen is clean. Josh vacuumed. I even put in an hour and a half of work work this morning. So I have this whole weekend laid out ahead of me, and no idea what to do with it. Plus, I don't feel like I want to crawl under a rock and hide until I feel happier. This hasn't happened in, like, ages.

I think maybe I'll sit outside and do some reading. Plus, play with the new firmware on my camera. Anyone (Jen???) have suggestions of software to use on my new RAW format photos? I'm excited to now be shooting in RAW mode... but I no longer have access to all the code I wrote at work at NG to process 12-bit color images. Plus, I don't own Matlab or have it at work anymore... (I still can't quite believe how sad about that I am). I miss that job and I miss Lisa.
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Josh and I cleaned up the office today. It's been a wreck since... oh, pretty much when we moved in. We also moved my (old) desk out of here into the library/sewing room and the love seat in to take it's place... since I'd rather compute on the love seat than at a desk. It's nice in hear now that it's clean and organized.

I also spent 2-3 hours working on my (new) desk. The front, back, and one of the sides are now free of paint (or as free as they are getting) and fully sanded up to 180 grit sand paper (I need to work my way up to 300-something before staining--one or two more rounds). The other side is within inches of being done... but my light went away. Then there are the inside bits (where your legs go). The rest of the sanding rounds should go faster because I will only be smoothing out the wood from my previous sanding jobs... rather than digging out every last speck of paint. Anyhow, I'm really pleased at my progress in the last few weekends. I think I should be able to get all the sanding done in another 20-30 hours. And then it's staining and varnishing! Yay!

Also, there are some spots where there was a hole before the desk was painted, which is now full of paint... and where these holes are deep, there is precious little I can do about them. The final step (or maybe next to last before varnishing) will be filling the holes with wood putty and maybe applying a little brown paint to touch up these imperfections. I'm really excited though... I feel like the end is actually in sight, however far away a sight it is...

My goal, which Josh assures me I will make because he hates scraping snow off the car, is to get the desk completely finished and out of the garage before the first snow of the year. So I'm counting on having at least until mid-October.

Next up: Reupholstering Grandma's couch. (Don't hold your breath...)

Now to do some work work...

Edited to add: Today, just now (9:50pm), I set a personal record. That's right, I jogged 1 mile without stopping! Never done that before. At 11 minutes 20 seconds, it wasn't the fastest overland mile I've ever done on foot, but it is the only one I've maintained a jogging pace for the whole thing nonstop.
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Our lock on our front door has been very stiff and hard to unlock since we moved in. Basically, it catches about 1/4 inch from unlocked, and it's really hard to get it that last 1/4 inch. It's a bit easier on the inside though, because you have more leverage. Shortly after we moved in, Josh put some WD40 on the shaft and in the keyhole, and that helped, but it was still difficult. Last Friday night, we ended up going in through the garage it was so stiff. I decided we should just replace the lock, but I didn't know how hard that would be. So I grabbed a screw driver and started taking the lock apart to see. Turns out, there's not much to disassembling a lock, but once we had it open and started fiddling with it, we could see where it was catching! We lathered it up good with the WD40 and put it back together. Now the lock works like a dream! Last night, coming home with my hands full, I was able to unlock and open the door with one hand!!!!! Ah, life's little pleasures...

Run down of my full day yesterday )


Jun. 3rd, 2008 08:53 pm
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I just rendered 2 lbs of tofu for later use. Pressed it, cubed it, and froze it. According to "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" it is good that way. Apparently, since the water expands when it freezes, it forces itself out of the tofu and you get, like, super-pressed tofu. We shall see. Also, it seems actually pretty good plain and raw. I have not had plain and raw tofu since my mom was on her tofu kick sometime well before I was in high school. I remember not liking it plain and raw at the time, but the little bits that broke off today and I ate were pretty good. Maybe my tastes have changed. Or maybe the difference could be buying the expensive ($2/lb) organic tofu. And for a final thought on tofu of the day, I have always known that you are supposed to press* tofu before cooking it to get the water out. I assumed I learned this from my mom, but when I was on the phone with her over the weekend and asked her if she had ever tried freezing tofu to get super-pressed tofu, she claimed to have never heard of pressing tofu. So perhaps I learned the pressing thing from William (the vegetarian man next door who was like another father to me). I should call him at some point and see what he thinks of freezing tofu.

* Press as in with a paper towel, like you might do with bacon--though I have sworn off paper towels and used a linen towel instead.
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I think I've slept about 20 hours this weekend, and I'm starting to feel caught up on sleep. Yesterday, after I finally woke up, Josh plopped me down in front of his computer and made me play Portal, which was pretty fun. And in the mean time, he made breakfast, cleaned the apartment, and made dinner. Aww. I feel a lot less stressed for having relaxed all day, and for the apartment being so much cleaner. I think today, since it's supposed to get up to like 42 out, we are going hiking... provided one of us actually finds somewhere interesting to go.

Portal is a really neat game. I'm crap at using the controls in first person shooter games, but for the most part it doesn't matter in this game. There were only a couple places where my clumsiness made things slow, but since there were no bad guys to shoot me, it didn't really matter. The narration is absolutely hilarious too. The puzzles were fun, but for the most part not all that hard... there were several that I got stuck on and decided, "I'll do something silly because that will be entertaining while I try to think of a solution" and the next thing I knew I was done with the level... because that silly thing WAS the solution. Anyway, I'm looking forward to finishing the game tonight.
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This is why, every now and then, you want to go through all those important papers and sort them into a filing cabinet. Obscure reason #137:

Me: Hey, dear, isn't this an original of one of your time cards?
Josh: Looks that way.
Me: Doesn't that mean there was a week somewhere back there that you didn't get paid for?
Josh: Yep.

I thought we had a bit less money in the account than I expected, but I had chocked it up to moving and the Mexico trip being more expensive than anticipated... I mean, such things always are, right?

Also, this is like reason #2 why I like direct deposit (not losing paychecks), only a close second to reason #1 why I like direct deposit (not going to the credit union).

On a completely different note, we are getting a face cord of firewood delivered tomorrow at 9am. So we're actually going to be able to use our wood burning fireplace finally. YAY!
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Next time, don't wait until the night before to get online and find out that this is the last place where they actually require you to sort your curb side recycling. Sigh. And we really want them to take away all this varied packing material just as soon as possible!

Ugh. It's been a really really long week. So much to do. So much accomplished, yet so much more to do. I'm ready for a weekend. Um, yeah. Ha ha ha.
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We're in our new town house in Madison. We got in around 10pm on the 2nd, unloaded the car and the stuff Josh put in the truck on the 2nd, then went to bed (camping pads) around 11pm. Got up with the sun (our Northeast facing townhouse gets some lovely sunrising in the dinning room and bedroom #3), then proceeded to unload the truck. We took lots of breaks trying to manage our energy. By 3pm I could hardly lift boxes I was pretty sure I wouldn't have even called "heavy" a few days ago. Josh insisted that I lay down, and he joined me. I'd intended to just lay and rest for a half hour, but the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was dark out... 5pm. We brought the rest of the stuff in from the truck (all we had left was the dressers, the big bookcase, the mattress and box spring, and the china cabinet), and then went to dinner around 8pm. So there you go. We are capable of unloading everything we own in less than 24 hours... at least given help loading... if we'd had to spend 2 days loading the truck all by ourselves, I think we might have been altogether too tired to get it unloaded in 1 day, as it was we were pretty dang close to too tired.

Of course, a bunch of the boxes are still in the garage. But pretty much all of the furniture is in the rooms it belongs in, and the bedroom and office have their furniture more or less configured the way we think we want it.

On the agenda for the long weekend:
Return the truck before noon
See about setting up internet/phone
Go to the library and get library cards
See about registering to vote
Register the car
Unpack lots and lots of boxes
Pay parking ticket we got when we arrived, for "parking on even side of the street on odd day"

Things we need to buy
Bed frame
Entry way mats
Microwave stand
Faucet thing for the downstairs bath (it's squirting all over the place right now)
Replacement bolt for the coffee table leg (lost one in the move we think)
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As mentioned previously, Josh and I spent much of last weekend de-clutter-ifying our apartment. We signed our lease for another year, but decided that we still wanted a change. What we decided on was swapping the bedrooms--the master bedroom in our apartment is huge (13 by 14, plus 3 closets), while the second bedroom is tiny (9 by 10). As a result, the master bedroom naturally became our junk room, while the second bedroom was a very claustrophobic office (not to mention that it gets bloody HOT in there with Josh's computer on over the summer). We've tried various methods in the past 2 years for making use of this small room, but none of them have we been overly pleased with. And the master bedroom is a problem too... because of it's junk room status. I went to a sleep talk recently at work about how you will sleep better if you reserve the bedroom for only sleep and sex (and especially avoid activities in the bedroom that might stress you out--like fighting with your spouse, or your crap), and I think that makes a lot of sense. The last thing I need while I'm getting into bed is for my eyes to wander over to a bookcase full of crap we don't know what to do with, because that can get me thinking about such things as "How are we ever going to handle having CHILDREN, when we can't even handle all the THINGS we have?" rather than drifting peacefully off to dreamland. Thus, sleeping in a room that is too small for storing junk seems like a pretty good idea. I think this is the same sort of thing as how you will supposedly score better on a test when you take it where you learned the material you are being tested on.

So yeah, we swapped the two bedrooms. Except bedroom #2 is so small that we can't actually put our dressers in there... so pretty much we now have a bedroom that has a bed and nightstands, and Josh's closet, and then we also have a office/sewing room/dressing room. We figure that this'll work pretty well when we have out of town guests over too--we'll let them sleep in our bed, and we'll sleep in the office on our camping pads, without getting cut off from anything we regularly need except for Josh's closet. And our guests will get to sleep in a real bed.

Furthermore, not only did we rearrange, but we were really diligent about de-cluttering as we went. So rather than just moving junk from one junk pile to the next, we went through it and made actual decisions about whether or not to keep it, and where to store it. As a result, we have a rather big pile of things to get rid of. And we now know where to find a lot of things that we have had for a long time, because they are organized now.

Our areas of accomplishment include:
- The junk bookcase that was in the bedroom
- The top of Mary's dresser
- The top of Josh's dresser
- Mary's desk drawers
- Josh's desk drawers (4 of which are now loaded with communal desk stuff, since Josh has the bigger desk--there is a writing implements drawer, a checks and batteries drawer, a envelopes/cards/stationary/stamps/address labels drawer, and a notebooks drawer.)
- Mary's closet floor
- Josh's closet in it's entirety (though there's still a box of my stuff--mostly knitting and beading stuff--Josh found there to be dealt with tonight)
- The cardboard box we tossed all our wedding stuff in 2 years ago when we got back from the honeymoon (it's a new box--the yellow one--now that is a little smaller and has a lid--also, though you can't tell, it's somewhat sorted.)
- Half of the bedroom linen closet
- The random crap mini-cabinet that used to be a TV stand (which now has electronics/software storage in the cabinet part, and desk supplies--stapler, hole punch, pencil sharpener, scissors, tape, paper, etc--in the above part that was probably designed for a VCR).
- The junk closet
- Under the bed
- Mary's nightstand (drawers and surface)
- Josh's nightstand (drawers and surface)

Anyway, I love love love our new office. It is huge, and it has a bigger chunk of unoccupied floor space than I've had access to since moving away from my parents' house--which will be excellent when it comes to cutting out sewing projects. Furthermore, it is clean and uncluttered. I know exactly where to find everything, and there isn't a bunch of crap about. Also, there is lots of space for projects other than sewing projects, such as cleaning/de-cluttering projects we've been handling recently. And we have new light bulbs, so it's bright and friendly in there. Finally, I think it will make a fine space if we ever want to have everyone we know over to our apartment and be able to split up for separate games or divided D&D sessions. We can set up our card table in there in a pinch (though we decided we shouldn't leave it set up in there in general because it's a junk magnet).

If I sound like I'm proud of us, it's because I am.


Now, here's to keeping it clean and clutter-free being easier than making it clean and clutter-free in the first place! (...I hope...)


Jul. 10th, 2007 08:02 pm
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In celebration of Josh starting a part time tutoring job tomorrow, I helped clean the kitchen.

The kitchen is all clean and sparkly.

I wish Josh would clean it that well sometimes...
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It has been an exciting afternoon at the Middendorf Manor. After single handedly slaying the nap monster, I joined forces with my valiant husband and together we took on the filing cabinet in unarmed combat and slew it. Casualties were high, but the world is indeed a safer place for it.
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Well, we got the bread hook off Becca's kitchen aid this morning. I soaked it overnight in water, with no visible effect. Then I soaked it in olive oil today, with no visible effect. Then I started pounding on it with a hammer wrapped in a napkin. Then Josh came and held it for me while I pounded and it started moving. Then Josh started pounding. Finally we got it into the down position and just needed to rotate it. That required prying with screwdrivers and pounding on prying screwdrivers. Then more pounding to get it straight off. So maybe the soaking in water and oil helped... maybe not.

Along the way, I noticed that there were bits of napkin thread showing up on things... and we found that the napkin had been ruined. I shouldn't have used on of those napkins... should have used some fabric I didn't care about. But I didn't consider that it might get damaged. I rather like those napkins and only had 8 of them. I can't buy a replacement napkin of the same exact pattern, but I can go back to Linen's and Things, where it came from in the first place, and compare it with the napkins of a very similar pattern which they seem to have on clearance. I think that will be a good activity for Friday when we have theater tickets in Skokie at a theater across the street from the nearest LNT.

So anyhow, collateral damage: 1 ugly-ified bread hook, and 1 well-loved napkin.
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I am now the proud owner of the world's cutest coffee maker. It's got a little tiny 4 cup pitcher and fits conveniently in the dead space between the fridge and the dish drainer. Also, it has a timer mode, so I can set it up to start making my coffee before I get up in the morning... so I will have fresh hot coffee waiting for me when I get up in the morning! Now how's that for an incentive to actually get up when the alarm goes off? So I suppose it's not quite as good as having Dad downstairs making coffee in the morning when I get up, but it's certainly got some other advantages... like not requiring me to live with my parents. If I'd known such a cool device could be purchased for only $19.99, I would have gotten one of them years ago!

This morning, Josh and I rearranged our A/V stuff. We moved the stereo stack over to the far side of the room (where the speakers are and where the projector projects to, across from the couch). This involved unplugging everything, and then replugging everything, and more. Because before we were kind of lazy putting it together... we weren't planning to use remote controls, so we didn't do that stuff, we didn't do the equalizer, we didn't have a long enough composite cable to actually use the VCR, we weren't particularly successful at setting it up to do easy projection and sound from a computer, and we didn't set it up to actually work off one master power button. Well now, it's much more high tech. We can use the equalizer now, which means hopefully we don't need to choose between blasting the neighbors with over-loud movie music or not being able to hear the over-soft dialog. We can actually get picture as well as sound out of the VCR. We turn it on and off with one button now. We can use the remote controls with it easy, rather than doing the annoying bend-around-can't-see-a-damn-thing controlling of it we've had in the past... and hopefully this will be an improvement. And we now have cords coming out for plugging into a computer... which all goes through the VCR (DVD player doesn't have AUX-in as it doesn't record)... which unfortunately does degrade the quality as it is a crappy old mono VCR, but at least it's easy to set up. Also, we put the glass door on the stereo stack (and then took it immediately back off and cleaned it), so it looks much classier than it did before. Anyway, the whole thing took pretty much all morning, but it's done now... so yay!

Other accomplishments for today include a fridge audit, starting laundry, and vacuuming.

I'm also starting to think about what I'll be planting in my garden this coming spring. I'm seriously looking forward to gardening again.

Plans for tonight include going to REI to get Josh some biking shoes, sewing some button holes into a shirt for my sister, cutting Josh's hair, cleaning the kitchen (again), and hopefully finishing the leg work on a few last financial things from last year (if only the online banking at the credit union starts working again by tonight). Ah, what fun.


Oct. 27th, 2006 11:50 am
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On Monday I wrote myself a relatively long todo list, and now I can happily report that I (or Josh, or us together) have done most of the things on it, and several useful things that weren't on it. I'm really pleased. Most weeks, I feel like I really waste my weekday evenings. I'm always so frustrated by that, since it feels like the weekends are my only time to get stuff done, but also my only time for socializing with anyone but Josh.

Read more... )

We should always get so much done. I think it would make me a happier person. And so you might ask why, if I think this would make me a happier person, I am not more disciplined more often? But if so, don't ask me, because I have no idea.


Oct. 23rd, 2006 08:32 pm
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I don't think anyone has cleaned behind the fridge since this place was built. It was nasty. Like mouse and roche restaurant awaiting customers nasty. I guess I can be thankful for the "awaiting" part. Now, however, it is relatively clean. Perhaps we will tackle behind the stove one of these days... but not one of these days when we are baking stuff.
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Today Josh and I biked up the Skokie Forest Preserve trail. We parked our car on Dempster and went north from there. We were about to turn around thinking that the Chicago Botanic Gardens were still a ways further along, when we saw a sign across the street indicating that we were across the street from the far side of the Botanic Gardens. Seeing as admission to the Botanic Gardens is free (they charge $10 to park a car), we crossed the street and biked into the gardens. We didn't get to enjoy the Botany, however, as we were 11 miles away from our car and expecting it to start raining soon, but we were hungry, so we went into the cafe for lunch. It was very yummy and much deserved. We were also quite impressed by how much they had blooming too--they had roses blooming amazingly enough! I'm too tired to really post more than that about the biking though. Except that also we saw 6 deer in 2 groups. It's hard to point out deer to your sweat heart:

"Yeah, I heard you. What is it?"

Fortunately the deer were rather tame and were not scared away by this. Urban dear clearly.

Um, yeah, photos:

In other news:

I also started the project of refinishing our table. It is sitting in the second bedroom drying the first coat right now (with the door closed and the window open. Also, before biking, I took in my zip offs about an inch and a half vertically at the hips... which looks kind of odd, but makes them fit better. I hadn't been thinking of this pair as a mock up originally, but I think that's what they are. I think the next pair will fit just right.

Aside from all that, accomplishments of the day include such mundane tasks as laundry, kitchen clean up, bickering with my spouse, and rearranging the furniture in the bedroom... or actually both bedrooms since we put the dinning room table in one of them.
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Camping this weekend...

To do before Friday:

* Call Sand Ridge and ask about hunting season info. Depending on the answer, some bright colors will need to be acquired... but I'm certainly hoping that will be unnecessary.

* Acquire maps and such.

* Make rain cover for my backpack.

* Seam seal Josh's rain cover... or better yet have him do it.

* Finish modular phanny pack pieces which are wanted for this trip. This will include the small water bottle holders and I think some pouches.

* Do that whole packing thing, and don't forget my pillow again.

* Make better stuff sack for camping pads.

* Purchase more fuel... of the Tange variety. Because where would we be without Tange?

I think I will have a busy next few evenings. Going camping always seems to require so much sewing prep work. I guess camping is kind of like getting married that way.


Sep. 5th, 2006 10:12 am
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It was a pretty good long weekend. For those who care... )


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