Aug. 29th, 2015


Aug. 29th, 2015 02:46 pm
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This weekend is off to a good start:
- I've now lost 50 lbs since Gwen was born (all the pregnancy weight and a most of the traveling consultant weight).  Yay!
- It was "bag day" at the Assistance League Thrift Store (as much as you can fit in a paper grocery bag for $5, and they have good stuff too).  Timely.
- I made Dutch Babies for breakfast, and for once they actually rose correctly.  Helps probably that I'm back to eating all the dairy, though using correct ingredients is not always enough for them to come out well for me.
- My first time cooking with breast milk: I made a mini breast milk Dutch Baby for Gwen, which she seemed to like, and made me feel super cool.  (She gets diarrhea if she has anything made with milk directly.)
- I was thinking about bragging on how well Gwen has been using the potty today (7 pees and a poop all in the potty today, dry 7 hours except the diaper during/after her first nap), but I was afraid that might jinx it.  Well, apparently just thinking it was enough to jinx it... massive poo in the diaper just as I was writing the previous bullet point.  But I'm gonna brag and be proud of her anyway.
- Tonight friends are coming over to play board games.  Well, at least one friend anyway.  Yay board games!

And now Gwen is down for nap #2, so it must be time for me to move onto something more productive.  Like packing and planning for our upcoming trip to Atlanta, London, Paris, Luxemburg, and the Mosel/Rhine region of Germany.  I'm very excited!


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