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Well, Josh chickened out on the meetup hike thing, and with 10 minutes to mentally prepare myself for going and meeting random people off the internet by myself, I chickened out too. However, we decided to work on the bookcase instead, so it's all good. We started by reassembling it without glue. I'm not sure it's actually been assembled since last summer when we took it apart to stain it. It was seriously warped, and took something like an hour and a half to get it all put back together, with a good deal of arguing along the way. It's now assembled with clamps holding everything just so. We're wondering how long we should leave it assembled (in the hopes it learns what shape it should be and gets back to it easier), or just take it apart and glue it today, because who knows how many more months it could be if we don't do it now? Anyway, I think we're going to go the today route. Because there's no time like the present.

But before we get to that, Josh is taking a break to save the world. We set the timer for 1 hour, and amazingly enough, I got the entire interweb read in that time. So I went and pressed the new hem on the pant legs of the first suit I got altered. I now have the suit on in the hopes Josh will take a picture of me in it when he is done saving the world. More details about completed and upcoming alterations. )
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Went to Goodwill today. Bought 4 suits. Three of them don't really fit, but I think I can alter without too much trouble. The 4th fits pretty well, but is stylistically a bit strange... I'm not sure if there is anything to be done about it, but it was $10 and I can wear it if I don't get the others ready in time for my first go-live (first weekend in April). Also bought myself a pair of jeans, a shirt that looks pretty good with all the suits, a pair of shoes that looks decent with the suit I expect to turn out the best after alterations, a picture frame for the cut family photo my sister send me at Christmas, and Josh bought a bunch of button up shirts, another wicking shirt that he says fits him like "shrink wrap" (I haven't seen it yet), and several CDs. We spent almost $100. I was impressed, it's hard to spend that much at Goodwill.

But anyway, about the title of this post. One of the CDs Josh bought was some "old school Madonna," some of which we listened to in the car. He was very impressed at how few of the songs I had heard before, even among the ones I had heard of. I mean, I had a pretty good clue what "Like a Virgin" would be like from the Weird Al parody, but I think today was my very first time hearing it. Likewise, while I've heard plenty of references to "Material Girl", I'm not sure I'd ever actually heard it either... though perhaps I'm just getting it confused with "Barbie Girl", which is pretty much the same thing for all practical purposes.

Maybe, if I'm not too lazy, I will even post some pictures of the suits, along with the gobs and gobs of other pictures I've been meaning to post... like the pictures of our Christmas "tree", and our Wisconsin Winter, and so forth.

Speaking of suits... I was going to try to make one also. Don't know if I still want to do that now that I have 4 from the Goodwill, but the pattern I have in mind, for my reference and so you guys can tell me it looks nice is: McCalls 5397, and if I am feeling really ambitious, perhaps also with a long sleeved top so I can wear it in the winter using Vogue 8333.

Tomorrow there is a hiking meetup at the Arboretum. I am excited. For some reason I've been really chearful since the end of the working day on Friday. It's nice. I like me when I am chearful. Should do it more often.
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This looks really cool. Except at $60 for a swatch set, it positively reeks of scam.
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Would like to dress up as an Aes Sedai for Halloween, but I'm not finding any decent possibilities for great serpent rings. I mean, what's the point in having a snake ring if it doesn't have more slither to it than that?

Ah well, at least I know how to make a shawl...
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I'm a little sad that the best part of my weekend was helping Benj move. Oh well.

It's been a busy weekend, between the helping Benj move, the apartment hunting, the Adventure Pants sewing, and the trip to Vogue Fabrics, plus the extensive fighting about apartment hunting related topics with Josh. Ugh.

I don't think Adventure Pants Version 3 are getting done in time to go to Boundary Waters for 4th of July. That's kind of a bummer... though likely it'll be too hot for pants anyhow. But at least I've gotten them a lot closer to done. Still, I think perhaps I should set them aside, so that I have a prayer of getting the hat and mosquito netting hoods done in time. I think the shorts I was going to make to match my bathing suit are a no-go at this point too. Oh well. I'll tell you what I really want to work on though... while we were at Vogue today, to get the mosquito netting, I ended up making an impulse purchase... and I want to work on sewing that now. It's this great shiny silver fabric that I will use for a base skirt, and then there will be an overlay of this incredible black netting with diagonal lines of embroidery (not exactly straight lines, they are ever so slightly "vine-y") and very occasional sequence. It's seriously elegant. Hopefully I will be able to make a skirt to do it justice... I've never done an overlay before. Then I will probably have to go to JoAnn's for some black stretch velvet to make a top to go with it.


Mar. 11th, 2007 08:44 pm
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I am now a size 14, not only in my waste, but in my bust too! This has been true for over a year, I guess, thanks to birth control patches, but I only just recently came to this realization while sewing. It's been kind of annoying over the past year what with my clothes not fitting right, but now I can sew shirts without merging pattern sizes! How's that for awesome?!


Feb. 9th, 2007 09:23 pm
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Benj and Rachel should especially be sure to read this post, even if no one else does. (You guys can skip to the part about REI if you want.)

I got off work early today (worked some long days earlier this week), and Josh and I headed over to Evanston. Stop #1 was Vogue Fabric. Josh wants me to have a sexy bathing suit, so we needed to get fabric and a pattern... actually, two patterns since I got my heart set on something I saw in the Victoria Secret swimsuit edition catalog, which ended up requiring separate purchases of top and bottom patterns (and we couldn't just buy it from Victoria Secret because (a) there's no way in hell I'm spending $70 on a swimsuit (pay no attention to all the money I spent on supplies today), and (b) I didn't like the colors Victoria Secret had it in). Will I ever leave the house in said sexy swimsuit... we'll see (and the rest of you can hope). Also, I purchased a bunch of clearance fabric, for a couple pair of pants, and 6 yards of some nice pastel lavender suiting/canvas which I plan to use for mock up bike panniers (since the real fabric for the panniers was really expensive). And I got a little bit of anti-tarnish fabric to use to make a pouch for storing my silver jewelry, and to stick in the china cabinet under my silver tea set... to hopefully reduce that whole tarnishing thing.

Then was dinner at the Ethiopian Restaurant in Evanston for Josh's birthday. It was okay, but nothing to write home about... so I wont.

And finally, the REI part. We ordered some socks for Josh off REI outlet a while ago and had them shipped to our local store. We stopped in to pick them up and they were having a super clearance event (going on until February 18th). Sale items ending in .83 are an additional 50% off. We got Josh a pair of biking shoes and another pair of shoes he really liked, and we also picked up a really nice, pretty large, not overly heavy 3-person tent for $109 (Sierra Designs Hyperlight). We've been planning to get such a tent for a while for car camping since our Quarter Dome is so small, but at just under 6lbs it would also be acceptable for backpacking when we want some more space. The same goes for the biking shoes, what with the "been planning to buy these for a while" thing... and the other shoes? Those were impulse.

So anyhow, the reason I wanted Rachel and Benj to see this was because now looks like a really good time to go to REI and get gear if you want to do that (there was a decent amount of stuff they are out of online). Or if you don't want to buy every last possible piece of gear for a trip on the Ice Age Trail, we would be able to loan out one of our tents. The new tent easily sleeps 2 without any requirements of them being overly friendly... and I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it probably is a lot more waterproof than Ed's old tent.
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Camping this weekend...

To do before Friday:

* Call Sand Ridge and ask about hunting season info. Depending on the answer, some bright colors will need to be acquired... but I'm certainly hoping that will be unnecessary.

* Acquire maps and such.

* Make rain cover for my backpack.

* Seam seal Josh's rain cover... or better yet have him do it.

* Finish modular phanny pack pieces which are wanted for this trip. This will include the small water bottle holders and I think some pouches.

* Do that whole packing thing, and don't forget my pillow again.

* Make better stuff sack for camping pads.

* Purchase more fuel... of the Tange variety. Because where would we be without Tange?

I think I will have a busy next few evenings. Going camping always seems to require so much sewing prep work. I guess camping is kind of like getting married that way.
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From the email response I got from one company about separating zippers... more or less what I would have expected...

"as for loose pin and box attachments, they are not available for sale from the manufacturer because if they were then anyone could buy the components and assemble zippers and call them their own."

Ugh. I thought this wasn't supposed to happen in the free market. I'm ready for it to correct itself already. Perhaps I should draw up my detailed plans for at-home separating zipper creation and post them on the internet, and hope someone picks them up and decides to go into business making and selling them... so I can buy them eventually. Or I suppose I could try to do that... but really I don't want to take that much time away from my sewing, or front my own cash, or try to market myself.


Sep. 10th, 2006 10:19 pm
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So, the second generation of my convertable purse is almost done (just needs a zipper and handles at the top of the tote part--finishing touches I never got to on the first generation), and I have already discovered a problem with it. You see, between when I started working on the second generation and now, I started carrying a half-sized notebook around in my purse. It was just on a whim at first, but I've found that I really like having it there so I can put down thoughts about my sewing projects as I have them, no matter where I am. Well, the new purse is almost like the old one and almost the same size... but just a bit smaller and it's quite a tight squeeze to get the notebook in, which then makes it hard to fit everything else because the fabric is all stretched so tight to fit the notebook! Ugh! Hopefully with time the fabric will stretch out and relax just a tad.

Oh, I also figured out what was wrong with my sewing machine. Well, nothing was wrong with my sewing machine actually--something was wrong with the spool of thread, I exchanged it with a new spool of thread and the problem is solved. Yay for not needing to give up my sewing machine or pay a lot of money for someone to fix it!

My zip offs are unfortunately not done yet. I ran out of thread. I tried to pick up thread on my way home from D&D, but it seems that Hancock Fabrics closes at 5-6pm on Saturday, and Michaels didn't have remotely the right color. I've also decided that as the pattern stands (and the pieces I've cut stand), the legs are not quite big enough around at the top (as in at the zipper), and are way to big around down at the cuff! The best way to fix this would involve cutting them out again, but I don't think I purchased enough fabric for that. I'm thinking perhaps I can cut replacement fronts out of the backs (because the backs were bigger), and perhaps there is enough leftover fabric to cut new backs. Or I could order more fabric, or make due with them being a little tight there... it's only a matter of like an inch anyway.

My separating zipper technology is also not quite so good as I might hope. I'm confident I could make great separating zippers if I could have plastic parts molded to my specifications... but of course I can't. The whole thing makes me horribly angry that no one is making and selling such little plastic parts. However, in all my research I have found that I can order separating zippers that will work for the zip offs for only about $2.00 to $2.50 each (times 4 zippers per pair of zip offs). I may consider doing that for my future pairs, depending on how much more angst my home made zippers cause me on this pair. But I'll give these a chance this way for now... I can still be hopeful that I will decide that the home made separating zippers are good enough.

My knee has been feeling a lot better. I got some twinges from it as we were finishing up the grocery shopping today, but other than that I've pretty much not noticed. I'd go back to the train (and the walk) tomorrow, except that I need to buy thread tomorrow, and that trip would get me pretty much all the way to work by itself.

I'm hopeful that I will be posting photos of both projects soon. So you can all just pretend you can't wait to see them.

And now to disconnect my husband from Civ III so we can go to bed...
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I've been having troubles with my right knee this week. Tuesday night, as I was getting up from the couch to go to bed, I got a sharp pain in my right knee. I thought it was odd, particularly given that I had been doing nothing more strenuous than sitting normally on the couch watching Angel with my 'puter on my lap uploading photos to ScrapBook. I figured it would pass, but the next morning it was worse. I've driven in to work each of the last 3 days to avoid the 0.6 mile walk to the train station, and my knee continues to hurt. I've been working it gently from time to time, hoping whatever it is will re-align itself. There is no history of weak knees in my family. My mom had symptoms similar to what I have been experiencing, but only in the last year or so... and she is nearly 60.

Anyhow, for the most part I've been trying to stay off it. I can't really go about my life staying off it completely, but I've been trying to use it lightly, been taking the elevator all the time, etc. But it's all kind of scary, especially since I don't think I did anything to cause it.

This week I have been working on my zip off pants. Last night I cut out all the pieces and stitched together the top part. Tonight I will do the waistband and fly. If I have time, I will also do the zippers and the legs. I am really impressed at how quickly the project has gone so far. I'm planning to bring my sewing machine into the shop tomorrow on my way to D&D, and I'm hoping to get the zip offs done before then. So I guess I have tonight and tomorrow morning to finish them.

Work has been going better this week than it has in a long time. I think the break was good for me. I've been feeling much more enthusiastic about what I am doing, and that has helped me to be able to do a good job... which in turn helps me feel more enthusiastic about it. Hopefully this cycle will continue, because the rut I was in before really sucked.

Incidentally, Rachel's photos from our Frosh year are here. There were some names I was unsure how to spell and some last names I just couldn't remember at all. If anyone wants to let me know of corrections, that would be useful. Also, there are some seriously cute photos of Mary and Daniel. If anyone is still in touch with them, they aught to pass them along (somehow I don't think they'd appreciate hearing from me). I'm planning on moving all my photos over from my old pbase album eventually... seeing as I've already paid for all the storage space in the world on LiveJournal.


Sep. 5th, 2006 10:12 am
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It was a pretty good long weekend. For those who care... )
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The literature says that you cannot make a separating zipper out of a continuous zipper... at least not without a 150-kg machine from China. Experimental results suggest otherwise. Because I am awesome.
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By the way, a search for "Zipper Store" on google returns a gay porn site as the first hit... um... not exactly what I had in mind...
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September "Couple of the Month" contest:

"I nominate [ profile] sillygoosegirl because she offers up great advice and is honest and to the point. Her views on relationships are mature and she is willing to stand up for what she believes in." (spelling corrected)

Aw... I win...

Except, not really, this is just a nomination... and seeing as it's for a "Couple of the Month" contest, I would have to say that it is somewhat lacking. But it makes me feel like a winner anyway, all the same. :-)


And now back to my regularly scheduled separating zipper research, which is what I had Josh get my 'puter back out for in the first place. Unless someone here knows if there is a way or a product for turning continuous zipper into separating zipper?


But first let me say: "Holy mind-reading, Batman!" (Refering, of course, to the two otherwise identical entries recently writen from two people in places with different music playing.) Congrats guys! My parents have been married 28 years and they still can't do that! :-)


One other thing. Josh and I spent today at Starved Rock. It was lovely and my feet hurt now. Surprisingly it wasn't actually all that crowded out on the trails. Maybe we will post some photos at some point.
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Yay! My new purse is done! It's got flower fairies and converts into a larger tote for when I need to carry a sweater and lunch to work, or to a smaller purse when I don't need those things!

Pictures!!! )

Two things

Feb. 19th, 2006 02:52 pm
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1. Anyone know a good source for looking up individual stock prices going back more than 5 years?

2. Design opinions needed! )
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Well, I didn't get as much done on my Christmas projects today as I had intended. I did the embroidery for the general gifts for my parents and brother. But I had hoped to also work on the ones for my sister's family and the handkerchiefs for my sister... there's still plenty of time for those projects, of course, but I'm still hoping to embroider a full set of towels (2 bath/2 hand/2 wash cloths) for my dad, and "Turn the other cheek" underwear for my brother-in-law (yeah, giving underwear to my brother-in-law is a little weird, but I don't know anyone who would be likely to get a bigger kick out of them).

I did do well on the apartment cleaning front though. I cleaned up and vacuumed the living room, dining room, kitchen, and sitting room. And I washed the rest of the dishes and gave all the surfaces a more complete cleaning than they normally get. Also, I did laundry. So remaining on the cleaning front are the bathrooms and our bedroom. And since I just did laundry, the bedroom should be so bad.

On the entertainment front, I fought loneliness with 7 chapters of "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" on audio CD, the BBC version of "The Silver Chair", and two of my favorite "Firefly" episodes. I am, however, totally bummed out that the vacuum cleaner is so noisy... I totally would have watched and/or listened to more if it wasn't.

On the personal front, I took a shower and actually got dressed. Plus, I ate two full meals and also did some snacking.

All in all, it wasn't nearly so bad as I had feared... but I miss my husband. Also, I am already totally stressed out about my flight on Thursday... I wish I knew why travel caused me so much anxiety, and I wish I knew how to make it stop. I've already had two travel related nightmares recently, I think tied to this trip. Ugh.


Dec. 17th, 2005 07:25 pm
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I just got back from dropping Josh off at the Train Station. He is going to see his parents until the 23rd, when he will be flying out to Oregon to meet me. I still have to work, so I'm going to have 5 lonely days until Thursday the 22nd, when I fly out to Oregon. I've already had two travel nightmires, I think related to this upcoming trip.

Last night Josh and I went out to a very expensive restaurant to celebrate our half-anniversary, which was today. It was really nice; I had a great time. Josh gave me some rainbow heart shoe laces just like the ones I gave him the first summer we were dating... except new. I think they're really sweet.

I must do my best not to go crazy during these days alone. When I was little, I always used to love being home alone... much as I like my parent's company, I guess I like Josh's better.

I have big plans for this week. I want to finish making a bunch of Christmas presents (and I've had a major set back on those... I don't think Henry Ford made the first Model T on an assembly line... I don't know what always makes me think I can work assembly line-style when I don't really know what I'm doing because I've never done it before). I want to watch the BBC Narnia DVDs I was given for Christmas. I want to listen to the Narnia books on CD I was given for Christmas. And finally, I want to clean up the entire apartment... which is not as big of a task as it sounds like since Josh already picked up most of his stuff, and we mostly cleaned the kitchen today... including the frig. Josh left me set up with 10 meals of leftovers all individually wrapped up and ready to go in the microwave so I wont have to cook (as I don't much like cooking alone and tend to forget to eat alone). Awww... :-)

But now I think I should call my parents... I haven't talked to them in a while.
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This is where I intend to buy my handkerchief linen:

It's called the Silk Road and is located in Austin... don't suppose you've been there Kendra?

It looks like a pretty cool store, at least for a sewing enthusiast like me. I miss living a half mile from Vogue Fabrics. Now I'm like 20 minutes away from the closest fabric store... and it's a Joann's... and the next closest is a Hancock...

There should be more cool independant fabric stores.

I can totally hear the leaves falling outside, even over Josh's music.

I can't believe I still don't have a sewing user icon...


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