Mar. 16th, 2008 06:03 pm
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Just under 15 months since we started it, the bookcase is now glued together. Go us. Or something. We may yet decide to varnish it (we stained all the pieces last summer), but varnish is not intimidating compared to what we've already done. In the mean time, I have this wonderful feeling of accomplishment (and also $100 worth of pipe clamps... shoulda gotten this done while we still lived near someone who owned a set of these).

Next woodworking project, either:
1) A spice cabinet like the one Chris and Newt have, or
2) Shelving in the closets in the office.

Hopefully whatever we next choose wont take so long... (or should I say, we wont be as lazy about?)

We rule

Apr. 30th, 2006 08:21 pm
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Who says you can't do home improvement projects in an apartment?

Our kitchen is seriously shy on counter and drawer space. We mostly fixed the counter space problem when we first moved in with a portable island off ebay, but we were still shy drawer space (especially since none of the drawers in our kitchen are full-sized). So my parents helped us install a big drawer in the portable island!
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Yay! My new purse is done! It's got flower fairies and converts into a larger tote for when I need to carry a sweater and lunch to work, or to a smaller purse when I don't need those things!

Pictures!!! )
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I made a shadow box. The label on the package said "Instant Shadow Box", but it was lying... at least if the person assembling it is an anal retentive perfectionist like me. Anyway, I want to show it off... since Josh doesn't get to see it until our date tomorrow.

Clicky, clicky (except for Josh)


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