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Josh and I camped Friday and Saturday nights at Governor Dodge State Park. This is our second trip to Governor Dodge since moving to Wisconsin, our previous trip was before all the snow melted and when everything was gray and ugly... it didn't give me a very good impression of the park. As it turns out, it did not give me a fair impression of the park either. Governor Dodge is an absolute gem of a State Park, it is just about everything a state park should be. They have magnificent rock formations, lakes and streams, waterfalls, trees and wildflowers. They have car camping, 1/2 mile in "backpacking" sites, a significant amount of hiking-only trail, biking and horse trails, swimming, boating, and fishing. They don't have rock climbing or weekly big band concerts with dancing... but we didn't much make use of those features at Devil's Lake either. And furthermore, it is only 45 minutes from our home and we showed up at 7pm on the Friday before Memorial Day, and were able to get a site for the full weekend without a reservation (the second to the last available for the full weekend). I am in love.

In researching for this weekend, I also ran across Kickapoo Valley Reserve almost by accident, and it looks like a place worth a trip. It is about 2 hours northwest of here. And on the subject of places to visit, Folklore Village (which is on the way to Governor Dodge) has a number of events I may be interested in, and a nice listing of other things in the area I may be interested in. Little Norway also looks like it is worth a day trip, at only like 10 miles away. Speaking of which, it looks like I don't, strictly speaking, need to become a Pagan to celebrate the Summer Solstice with other people in this area... of course, I might just want to anyway.

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Okay, so I was going to update you all with some talk about the things I am currently bitter and unhappy about relating to the whole holiday season thing. But I decided to pass on that. It's bad enough that I have so much to be bitter and unhappy about--I don't feel like wasting more time writing about it... and I doubt anyone has much interest in wasting time reading about it (though if you do, feel free to imagine in great detail all the ways in which my holidays might have been crappy). Instead I'm going to write about positive things I want to share.

So now the list (with some pictures):

1. We rearranged our apartment! 
2. We have a tree! 
3. Josh got me a really pretty ceder chest for my fabric! 
4. Josh got me a lovely necklace and earrings to match the other ring! 5. Peggy got me a folding box for my sewing notions, just like the one my mom has! 
6. After much angst at each other, Josh and I attached the desk extender thingie I made to his desk this morning, and it is awesome! 
7. Becca got Josh and I a GPS!!  (No pictures yet...)
8. After a good deal less angst at each other (but plenty of angst at the saw), Josh and I cut out the pieces to make a bookcase today!!  (Pictures after we make it...)
9. We are making a bookcase!!! (!!!)
10. Today there was a special for 15 cent listings on ebay, so I listed a few more of Shippy's pieces and our old coffee table!
11. After much angst at the internet, I am now willing to bet mine and Josh's life savings on AmTrust Direct being FDIC insured! 
12. The convertable one-seam dress I made last week is pretty cool, but I haven't gotten around to getting a picture of it now and can't do that yet because Josh is plugged in to Natural Selection.  :-(
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I've been having troubles with my right knee this week. Tuesday night, as I was getting up from the couch to go to bed, I got a sharp pain in my right knee. I thought it was odd, particularly given that I had been doing nothing more strenuous than sitting normally on the couch watching Angel with my 'puter on my lap uploading photos to ScrapBook. I figured it would pass, but the next morning it was worse. I've driven in to work each of the last 3 days to avoid the 0.6 mile walk to the train station, and my knee continues to hurt. I've been working it gently from time to time, hoping whatever it is will re-align itself. There is no history of weak knees in my family. My mom had symptoms similar to what I have been experiencing, but only in the last year or so... and she is nearly 60.

Anyhow, for the most part I've been trying to stay off it. I can't really go about my life staying off it completely, but I've been trying to use it lightly, been taking the elevator all the time, etc. But it's all kind of scary, especially since I don't think I did anything to cause it.

This week I have been working on my zip off pants. Last night I cut out all the pieces and stitched together the top part. Tonight I will do the waistband and fly. If I have time, I will also do the zippers and the legs. I am really impressed at how quickly the project has gone so far. I'm planning to bring my sewing machine into the shop tomorrow on my way to D&D, and I'm hoping to get the zip offs done before then. So I guess I have tonight and tomorrow morning to finish them.

Work has been going better this week than it has in a long time. I think the break was good for me. I've been feeling much more enthusiastic about what I am doing, and that has helped me to be able to do a good job... which in turn helps me feel more enthusiastic about it. Hopefully this cycle will continue, because the rut I was in before really sucked.

Incidentally, Rachel's photos from our Frosh year are here. There were some names I was unsure how to spell and some last names I just couldn't remember at all. If anyone wants to let me know of corrections, that would be useful. Also, there are some seriously cute photos of Mary and Daniel. If anyone is still in touch with them, they aught to pass them along (somehow I don't think they'd appreciate hearing from me). I'm planning on moving all my photos over from my old pbase album eventually... seeing as I've already paid for all the storage space in the world on LiveJournal.
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Josh and I went backpacking in Black River State Forest in Wisconsin this weekend. Our plan had been to do a 2-night 13-ish-mile loop. After picking up our free trail/backpacking pass and parking passes at the nearby campground, we hit the trail about 5pm Friday (I took Friday off work), after the obligatory trial head photo.

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A random stranger (one of about 20 per day who randomly surf onto my wedding dress page) just made my day today with this comment:

I've been sitting here trying to think of what to say about this photo to do it justice. I can't believe what a stunning picture this is! Such a pretty bride .. in one of the most [perfectly] beautiful and romantic dresses I've ever seen; .. a very handsome groom in such a fun, romantic attire; .. a totally awesome background (plus, looks like one of those perfect, beautiful days); .. aaannndd .. the photographer did such a great job including the exposure. I think this is the #1, best overall bride-and-groom picture I've ever seen. My only complaint would be that the photographer should have used a wide-angle lense so he/she could have also gotten your "pumpkin" carriage in the pic. Amazing! I hope you don't mind that I downloaded it onto my computer as it is just so beautiful, refreshing, interesting, magical, and uplifting to look at. A million-dollar photo. If all [any] of my photos were this perfect, I'd be a very wealthy and famous .. and proud photographer. Of course, congratulations goes to YOU for the beautiful contents of the picture!

About this photo:

I am suddenly much more tempted to go against my principles and enter in that wedding photo contest Holly posted about to have people vote for...
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There comes a time when gardening stops being like pretending to have a baby or a pet...

...and gets even better )
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Q-tips are sex toys... if you are a flower.

Garden porn... don't worry, it should be safe for work :-) )
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I would have to say that hiking at Starved Rock seemed to be a success. We didn't cover as much distance as I expected, and it didn't take as long as I expected, but I think we managed to wear ourselves out... or at least wear many of ourselves out. It was pretty, and wooded, and the weather was just about as perfect as I could have asked for. There was only one waterfall that we went to, and it was tiny, but it was also kind of cool in that it was very accessible. It was rather a significant drive away, but I really enjoyed doing something different than what we normally do, and I got the impression that others felt similarly. Also, it was fun to see Benj for the first time in ages.

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This is an article about landscape backdrops like the one Josh and I got married in front of at the Kinton Grange! Cool, eh?

We, The Kinton Grange Players, found the backdrop which Josh and I used in our wedding, and another one, when we remodeled the stage for our last performance, "Snow White and the Seven Riding Hoods." Long story short, when we got to the Grange, the stage was boxed in with three little entrances, and we'd gotten fed up with working with them and wanted a real stage with some semblance of wing, etc, so we removed the inner walls and ceiling, and up in the attic, inaccessible without removing the ceiling, were these two amazing curtains... thus we concluded that our remodeled stage is probably much more like the original than the boxed in stage was. They were (and are) in excellent condition, and so old that the phone numbers on the ads (the one we didn't use for the wedding had ads for local businesses) were only 4 digits!

The backdrop from the Kinton Grange (right before our wedding) )

The Curtain Rises on Old Vermont )
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Our first anniversary was a success. Though we were married on the 18th of June, we decided at the time that we would celebrate our anniversary on The Last Saturday of Spring. This year, that fell on the 17th of June, and the same day as Ed and Mandy's wedding. Since we wanted to attend their wedding (out of town in Savannah), but also wanted to partake of the standard 1 year anniversary tradition of eating the top layer of wedding cake, exchange gifts before our trip (so we'd be better able to plan for/use them on the trip), and start a tradition of dressing up in our wedding clothes for our anniversary, we decided to do those 3 activities a week early, on the 10th. Then on Wednesday, we flew off to Savannah for an anniversary trip before the wedding. The trip was good. Josh wrote quite a bit about it, so rather than write it all again, I'll just direct interested parties to his journal, . Instead I will just caption the pictures I want to share.

More of our trip:

More of Ed and Mandy's Wedding:
(Ed and Mandy, remind me to burn you a CD with all the photos I took at your wedding.)
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Okay, anyone want to guess how much this hotel, where my conference is, would cost if I (well, NG) wasn't getting the reduced conference rate of $170/night? I'll give you a hint, the taxi driver said it's the most expensive resort in Orlando...


Aug. 7th, 2005 08:13 am
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I should be getting ready to go, but I want to post a couple pictures first.

This is our shiny new china cabinet (which weighs as much as the rest of our furniture put together) and kitchen table (already with junk on it):

Is this not the most adorable little thing you have ever seen? We found it at a garage sale for 50 cents. I wish we'd found it a couple months ago so we could have used it as a cake topper at our wedding. (In case you cannot tell from the photo, it is a pair of geese. Ahhh....)

Now it is time to get ready to go to the beach.
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For those of you who couldn't be there with us, here is the illustrated ceremony:

A few additional ceremony photographs, and a lot of duplicates are here:

Here are morning photographs of Josh and I:

Family photos and reception photos may come at a separate time.

If anyone on LJ took photos of our wedding, we'd love copies. Hint... hint... our HMC addresses still work.
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The sun came out, we got better pictures.

Rings!!! )
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This would be Nick and I moving his mattress in the kinky elevator when Nick and Micah used to live. The elevator is kinky because there is a mirror on the ceiling...
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For interested parties (like all you silly people making senior pages), my photos from Mudd at at:

By the way, any word on when last year's yearbook is coming out?

I can't believe that there colleges that don't allow even seniors to move off campus unless it is with a family member. What's up with that? I'm glad I didn't end up at one of those...


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