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There are a few names every child should learn as young as possible...

Do you guys remember when you were really young, your parents quizzing you to make sure you knew their names and your name? I remember arguing with my mom that I didn't need to know what other people called her, but she said that I could get separated from her in the grocery store and if that happened I was supposed to go up to someone who was working there and ask them to make an announcement for her to come get me, and they would need to know her name since there are always lots of mommies at the grocery store. So I learned what everyone else called her, but never actually got the opportunity to do this.

Well, today it happened at St. Vincent de Paul. Though not to me. They made an announcement that went something like this: "Mommy, would you please come retrieve your missing child from the checkout counter. She is... ... um, your daughter."
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There were a large number of kids at Squirrel Moon this year, mostly not dancing, just hanging out and playing while their parents danced.  Anyway, one of the mother's had a cute story about her kids that came up when Big John was complaining in rather strong terms about the heat at Pine Woods.  Specifically, she said that she's been telling her five year old not to use the F-word.  Her 5-year-old uses the F-word??  Well, in a matter of speaking.  Her 5-year-old complains a lot about things being fair between her and her sister.  "But Mommy, it's not FAIR!"  And her mom is like, "Don't use the F-word with me!"  It's pretty obvious that it's going to come back to bite her someday... but she told about how recently they'd been singing songs out of "Rise Up Singing" with their Quaker group (I need to see if I can hang out with these people!) and one of the songs was about the F-word.  The chorus goes like this:

  We sit down to have a chat
  It's F-word this and F-word that
  I can't control how you young people
  Talk to one another
  But I don't wanna hear you use
  That F-word with your mother

And of course her daughter wants an explanation.  Which is of course that this song is about a mother who is really really frustrated with her kids complaining about things not being fair. So far she buys it.  I'll be interested to hear the reaction when she gets old enough to find out what the F-word really is though...
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Dude, I just created a "parenthood" tag, and then I posted the entry (sorry, limited readership--but no exciting news or anything, I promise), all before I went... "Wow, I can't believe I created a tag like that, and now I can't believe I got the entry posted before I thought anything of it." I am still scared shitless with the idea, but it's increasingly getting to be a comfortable and familiar scared shitless which I hope will pass someday... which part of me even looks forward to having pass...

I mean, yeah, there's tons of stuff I still want to do first, but I don't feel like I've got practically the rest of my life I want to live first anymore.


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