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I didn't even know her. Not really. I had to go back through old entries in the community to remember what her story was. I had to search my email to find out if she'd ever actually said anything to me. She's hardly been active in the community since I joined--she'd just found out that it was no longer in remission shortly after I joined the community and I suppose she was busy trying to get better. Is it that I know she was a person in a way that I don't know that all the other people who die every day are people? Am I just scared because it reminds me of how fragile my own life and those of the people I love are?

Josh and I went out to dinner tonight because I'm going to be gone until Monday night, and as we were finishing up the little girl at the table next to ours was telling her family that a little boy in her class got Leukemia. She kept saying it over and over again because the grown ups weren't really paying attention to her. I hadn't cried before... I suppose I'll be done at some point. Soon hopefully.


Nov. 8th, 2006 09:37 am
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Someone I knew through LJ died yesterday. I feel... strange. She was younger than I am, but had Leukemia. I didn't know her even remotely well or anything, but we were in a community together and I recognized her face and name and user icon. And goodness, I'd heard she was sick, but I had no idea it was so bad.

I wonder if it would be weird for me to show up at her funeral. My mom always says that having a good turn out at the funeral means a lot to the family, even if you didn't know the person very well, and since she's from practically right where I'm going to be in Oregon this weekend...

Feeling strange is passing, now I feel sad.

Rosa Parks

Oct. 30th, 2005 09:48 pm
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I heard that Rosa Parks died a few days ago, but I didn't stop to actually think about it until a couple minutes ago. She has always been one of my favorite historical figures, but I was surprised to learn that she was still alive when she got the congressional metal of honor a few years ago. I just assumed that she lived and died a long time ago... I guess I like to imagine that the civil rights movement was longer ago than it really was. I guess I am both sad to hear that she died recently, and happy to hear that she lived until recently.


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