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After going to Walgreens and getting a syringe and mixing up some bread bits with water, the wildlife rehabber I managed to get a hold of last night told me she didn't think the egg would have even hatched if Mrs. Finch had really been gone as long as I thought, and told me to wait until morning and watch for her again. I've been watching for the last 45 minutes. I just checked the nest again. It's dead. The other eggs have not hatched, and I'm feeling pretty confident at this point they never will.


Jun. 1st, 2007 07:07 pm
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I haven't seen hide nor hair of Mr. or Mrs. House Finch since we've been back from vacation. I fear that they've either abandoned the nest, or been eatten. No more of the eggs have hatched, but the one out there looks... smaller and scronnier than he did yesterday morning. Furthermore, my experience with baby birds is that, if they see/hear someone coming, they will open up to recieve their food. He did that when I saw him for the first time yesterday morning, but he isn't doing it now. We've been staying off the balcony most of the time (I still want to tend my plants), but I'm afraid perhaps Mrs. Finch had already had too much of us by the time we went on vacation. Additionally... I worry about only one of the eggs hatching so far... I wouldn't expect more than 1 day between hatchings, certainly not the almost 2 days that it's been. I wonder if she's been gone for days (she was no longer sitting on them consistantly by the time we went on vacation), but maybe this first egg was far enough along on the incubation to hatch anyway. I feel really bad that we might have scared the mommy away... not that it's my fault she thought it was a good idea to build her home so close to big scary human beings she evidently doesn't want to be around.

I think maybe I should do some research as to what you can feed a starving finch baby... cause I think that's what we've got on our hands.
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Where do you keep your babies? Why in the nest on the balcony of course!

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Ah hah! So that's why she's always in her nest now! There are 3 eggs in there! Awesome!
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Hey, look at this, I downloaded photos off my camera. Then I uploaded a couple of them!

Two little house finches sitting in a tree, K. I. S. S. I. N. G.

First comes love, then comes marriage...

Then comes the nest in last year's Christmas decorations... ?

(In case you can't really see, the nest is in one of the plastic cups that is mostly on it's side facing the wall.)
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Something has happened that I never really expected to have happen once we were married. It seems we are going to be sharing our home with another couple. Fortunately, I don't think they are going to take up much space. That's right, Mr. and Mrs. House Finch are building a nest on our balcony!

It appears they've been continuing to munch on my pea plants, but that's okay... a bunch more sprouted and I have enough to share now.

I don't know if I ever posted a picture of it, but for Christmas I made this nifty light ball out of a string of lights and a bunch of clear plastic cups. It was out being decorative on our balcony, but I never took it down because I don't have a place to store it inside! Well, now the finches are making a nest in one of the cups! How cool is that? I am just tickled. We should put up a bird feeder!
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The day before yesterday, my garden was visited by a lovely pair of doves.  They were so sweet, walking about on my planters.  It didn't really bother me, since I figured that there weren't any seeds out there I anticipated growing anyhow.  I saw them again Friday morning, got some photos, and said to myself and Josh, "Aw, how cute.  We should get a bird feeder."  Then, of course, Friday night I realized that I did have some new seedlings out there, so I regretted a little bit not chasing the doves away.  Well, anyhow, this morning, I go out to look at my plants and I notice that someone has eaten all the leaves off of one of my poor little baby pea plants!  I thought of the doves and cursed them.  Then I went back inside.  A little later, a cute little bird with a red head came to visit my garden, followed shortly by his lady friend (another little bird that looked just the same except for being plain).  You know, I'm used to seeing doves coming and going in pairs, they are such romantic birds... but I don't normally see it in other birds (Guess maybe other birds I normally see don't do it?  Or maybe there are so many of them I don't notice that they come and go in pairs).  Birds that come and go in pairs always make me smile... as silly as that is... or maybe not silly, I smile when I see human couples out together too.  I guess we don't call them "love birds" for nothing.  But anyhow, I watched them to see what they would do.  They flew up to the light fixture at first, and made me wonder if they were crazy enough to be thinking of building a nest there.  Then, they flew to the planter of peas.  And started pecking at them!  At that point I started moving fast and scared them away.  They flew to the tree right outside our apartment.  Josh came in and I pointed them out to him.  Then I went outside and informed them that they are not allowed to eat my pea plants, but I'd be happy to get them bird seed.  I don't know if they understood.  I think perhaps I should buy some chicken wire or something to make cages around my peas (and anything else that ends up showing signs of being nibbled on), at least until they get more mature (the peas that is--I think the birds are as mature as they are going to get).  I still do kind of want to get a bird feeder too, but I'm not sure that's a good idea as a way to keep the birds from eating my plants.  As Josh pointed out, I might just attract enough birds that they can't all eat at the feeder at once and some of them will decide to have some salid while they are waiting... that putting out a feeder for the birds might be about as effective as leaving out a bag of sugar to keep the ants away. 

Edit: Mr. and Mrs. House Finch were back after we went to the grocery store. Apparently they wont be easily deterred. Especially since I don't really want to deter them, I just want them to stop eating my seedlings.


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