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List recreated to the best of my abilities at this late date. This entry will be edited in the future to add additional books as I start and finish them. At some point I may briefly codify them as to which I recommend and by how much.

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Aug. 1, 2007 - More recommendations are always welcome, I might even get to them. I am particularly interested in books on sociology, or at least that's what I'm interested in that I feel short on book recommendations for... as you can see from my list there are a good many other topics I am interested in reading about. I am also somewhat interested in recommendations for books on economics.
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Josh made me a "seamstress" icon. It's me working on the hem on my lace overlay part of my wedding dress.

I don't know if the connotations of "seamstress" are anywhere near universal... but when Seattle was a new city, most of the men there were loggers, and most of the women were "seamstresses". This did not make Seattle the sewing capitol of the world... not even close... but not for lack of "seamstresses".
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Who wants to talk to me about sex and stuff?

Edit: To be a little more clear, I think I'm going to be making myself a filter because I've got stuff to talk about but I have no idea who I want to put in it. (And if it was going to be all those people I normally talk about sex with, I wouldn't exactly need to be using the internet.) So I guess I'm starting with the poll of who's comfortable/interested.
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The true value of keeping a journal is not realized until one can go back several years and see what she was writing about her SO back then. Some of them are happy memories that make me happy to remember. Some of them are about scared, confused, or hurting times, that make me happy to see how far we've come. Some of them I remember vividly. Some of them I had nearly forgotten about.

::happy sigh::
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I am now the proud owner of a permanent account. LiveJournal is now the proud owner of another $150 of my money.

I'll be passing on my paid time to Josh, but I also have like 6 months of extra user pics, and I don't think there's a chance in hell that he'll have any use for those... any takers?


May. 31st, 2005 08:13 pm
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So... should I buy myself a perminant account? The last time I had this discussion with myself I decided not to because I wasn't sure I'd still be using livejournal in 4 years, which is how long it would have taken to pay for it. Well, this August or so I'll be paying for my 4th year of LJ (I can't believe it's been that long, but of course it hasn't, it's been almost 3 years that I've been a paid user, that's why I'll be paying for the 4th year soon). Will I still be using it in 6 years though? Will it still be only $25/year in 6 years? Will they continue to honor the perminant accounts? Hmmm...

Just what I didn't need right now, one more thing I want to spend money on. I'd do it in a heart beat for $100, I made that decision ages ago... but now they have to go charging more.


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