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Jan. 4th, 2010 10:55 pm
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Just watched Josh's old "gay pride" edition of "First Contact." The VHS rainbows were impressive and distracting, but kind of funny. Old school.

But I am left with a question: how long has Star Trek been about commies, and given the commies, how did it ever become popular back when it did? Have I asked this question before? Anyway, I am still baffled.

I guess this may explain why nobody at Northrop Grumman had heard of the Borg, and therefore didn't know what I was talking about when I said we should make our counter measure system learn and adapt like the Borg and was all like, "You will be assimilated."

In other news, I like the idea of a future without money. Which I guess is good, considering I am about to be unemployed.
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Movies about the bad old days when men got to sleep around with whomever they pleased, then come home and rape their wives, then threaten to never let her see her children again, and then furthermore, because it is based on a true story, never get what (should have been) coming to them... tend to piss me off and leave me in a bad mood.
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That was only because you hadn't seen "The Clone Wars".

It gives bad a whole new meaning.

I did enjoy the drag queen hutt though. Almost made that 10 minutes of the movie worth while.

I think this confirms my suspicion that the original three movies were only good by accident.
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A representative from TDS (our phone/internet provider) just called. She wanted to tell me about a great new deal they are offering for bundled phone, internet, and dish TV.

Her: "Now first of all, and you still a TDS customer for phone and internet."
Me: "Yes."
Her: "And then for TV you probably have cable or something right?"
Me: "I don't have a TV."
Her: (pause... this obviously does not compute) "You don't have a TV at all?"
Me: (starting to get cheerful) "I don't have a TV at all."
Her: (longer pause this time, the script is clearly failing her) "Well... thank you for being a TDS customer and have a nice night... ?"
Me: (very cheerful by now) "Have a nice night."

Okay, so I suppose I could plug cable or dish TV into the projector, but I don't want to. Even if it was free, it would take a new episode of Doctor Who to get me to plug it in. I think that's why I love best about the projector... not the big screen or the fact that it doesn't take up any space... but just the right to honestly say, "I don't have a TV." I love being such a weirdo, I really really do.
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What's up with the ugly James Bond?  I thought the point of newer younger James Bonds was so that they'd be, you know, hot.  Last I checked, Shaun Connery was still way more attractive than this new dude.  Maybe Shaun Connery has gotten too expensive... 
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Josh got us some old Doctor Who off Netflix.  And this doctor, not only a far cry from our current hottie, is also played by the same actor who played Puddleglum the Marshwiggle in the BBC's "Silver Chair."  I'm not sure I can think of a fictional character who is more completely opposite than The Doctor... at least The Doctor I know.  Puddleglum is always grumpy, always sees the worst in everything and everyone, hates traveling, hates adventure, is always sure things will turn out for the worst, and so forth.  It's hard to see anything of The Doctor when I am seeing even the slightest hint of Puddleglum.  We'll see how it goes...
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Josh and I watched a movie called "The Prestige" a few week ago. It is about two rival magicians around the turn of the 20th century... and aside from being a little gruesome (not visually so much, but content-wise), and a little difficult at first to keep from confusing the two main characters, it told a pretty good story incredibly skillfully.

It's pretty new apparently (2006), so I suppose you've all heard about it and probably had the ending spoiled, but I recommend it anyway. I wont tell you why, because that would spoil the ending.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 08:53 pm
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I just rendered 2 lbs of tofu for later use. Pressed it, cubed it, and froze it. According to "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" it is good that way. Apparently, since the water expands when it freezes, it forces itself out of the tofu and you get, like, super-pressed tofu. We shall see. Also, it seems actually pretty good plain and raw. I have not had plain and raw tofu since my mom was on her tofu kick sometime well before I was in high school. I remember not liking it plain and raw at the time, but the little bits that broke off today and I ate were pretty good. Maybe my tastes have changed. Or maybe the difference could be buying the expensive ($2/lb) organic tofu. And for a final thought on tofu of the day, I have always known that you are supposed to press* tofu before cooking it to get the water out. I assumed I learned this from my mom, but when I was on the phone with her over the weekend and asked her if she had ever tried freezing tofu to get super-pressed tofu, she claimed to have never heard of pressing tofu. So perhaps I learned the pressing thing from William (the vegetarian man next door who was like another father to me). I should call him at some point and see what he thinks of freezing tofu.

* Press as in with a paper towel, like you might do with bacon--though I have sworn off paper towels and used a linen towel instead.
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A local high school is doing Little Shop of Horrors this weekend and last. We went tonight, and it was quite good. Okay, so not exactly on the same order most of the professional stuff we go see, but with some more mics it would have been reasonably close. Overall, a fantastic performance of a fantastic musical, and they didn't even bring in a professional to sing the plant (like they did at my high school).

But that's not why I'm posting about it. I'm posting because OMG the surprise ending! Nothing like the movie! Who would have thought? (Okay, so you'd think I'd've thought since they did it at my high school when I was there... but I was so ticked at the drama teacher for giving the best part to someone outside the school, I didn't go.)

So good and surprising and yay!

And now I have to see the movie again, so I can see just how different it was. And because the dentist's mic didn't seem to be on. :-(
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I thought California Dreamin' was my favorite song when I lived in LA and it was 50 out and raining. Then I thought it was my favorite song when I lived in Chicago and it was 20 out and snowing.

I was wrong.

This morning it was -6 out as I walked across the parking lot to the training building. A person could die in weather like this--and I don't even think it would take very long.

I'd be safe and warm if I was in LA.
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The last episode of Dr. Who Season 2 makes me sad. Sad in the good way, but sad. The shades of "Golden Compass" make me happy, in the sense that they reminded me of being sad in the good way, and were entertaining.

Netflix also makes me sad, but in the bad way. Why can't they label the disk of special features: "Doctor Who Season 2: Special Features" rather than "Doctor Who Season 2: Disk 6"? Argh.
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You can tell a story based in the Star Wars universe where the outcome is known, and still make it compelling.

Lucas just didn't.

Zahn, on the other hand, just did.
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They are making a movie of "The Golden Compass". I am excited. There's a series that deserves more attention.
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Tonight I found out that I have been living under a rock.

Why, exactly, did no one tell me this before?

Timothy Zahn has written, not one, not two, but three new Star Wars books since I last came up for air.

Where have I been??

Living under a rock evidently.
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We watched V for Vendeta tonight. I liked it a lot. Highly recommend it.

And, um, yeah... he's taken some serious levels of rogue too, but that's not why I liked it.


Apr. 9th, 2007 10:22 pm
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Most of the time, when I go back and watch something awesome from my childhood, I discover that it isn't really as awesome as I remember. Bristlelip, however, is an exception to this rule. It's still totally awesome.

Hopefully I will be similarly re-pleased with other stories from the series. Yay for the Mount Prospect Library!
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Star Trek + Time Travel + Whales = Hilarious
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Josh and I just finished watching one of the most awful movies I have seen in a long long time. It was more nausiating than Rocky Horror was boring. And somehow, even with not a drop of blood on screen and a very low body count, it still felt like one of the most violent movies I have ever seen... or at least one of the most violent movies I have ever managed to sit through. Ugh.
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I've been reading in "Earth in the Balance" about genetic diversity and agriculture. This book is 15 years old, but it is raising some important issues I've never even heard about before. For that reason, I am sorely tempted to transcribe, scan, or photograph the section to share with you guys. Because it sounds like important stuff, and because I know a lot of people on my friends page are knowledgeable on related topics and might have interesting things to say about it. But I wont be doing that at work.

In the mean time, I'm wondering what you can tell me about the genetic engineering of crops controversy. I mean, I know there is controversy, but I've never really understood why. I always figured it was fear of creating the next kudzu, scotch broom, or Himalayan blackberry and accidentally releasing it into the wild... which is certainly a legitimate concern, but hardly more legitimate with genetically engineered plants than with crops we simply transport from one corner of the Earth to another. But now I'm beginning to think there may be a lot more to the concern over genetically engineered crops, and am hoping someone in LJ-land could shed a little more light on it for me...

And relatedly, I've got to figure out how to send a letter to Al Gore. I want to encourage him to make an updated edition of "Earth in the Balance."


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