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Dear Lazyweb,

In Excel, is there a way to add a row to a worksheet that already has a predefined set of formulas in it? Or a way to have a predefined set of formulas automagically put themselves in all new rows? (Just copying them in afterward is not a good solution as I'm trying to make a sheet that even an idiot could add lines to without needing to know about copy formulas.)

Also, is there a way to communicate to Excel that I want a certain set of formulas added to each row that gets added to the bottom of the sheet as I scroll further and further down?


Mar. 2nd, 2007 08:39 am
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Dear Lazy Web,

Look at me, asking a question about something other than coding!

My parents got two bunnies for Valentine's Day (they were abandoned at Goodwill and my mom offered to take them off their hands--she has a friend who works there). They've been feeding them carrots for the past 2 weeks, but are wondering what they should feed them (to be healthy and stuff). I figured some of you would know.


Mar. 23rd, 2006 07:10 pm
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Which is faster, USB 1.0 or normal wired ethernet?
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Does anyone own 1 quart pyrex mixing bowl? Would you mind measuring the outside diameter of the top for me (as in the diameter needed for a Tupperware lid to fit)? Wanting to know the size...
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Is there anything I can eat or drink to help my body digest all the mucus which has fallen into my stomach?
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So, when was the last time you wanted to pay with plastic but couldn't because your credit card company wasn't accepted (but other credit cards were)? Josh and are looking to get a joint credit card (for groceries and gas to track expenses more easily). We already each have our own (me: MasterCard, him: Visa, both: Visa debit), do you think there would be any real advantage to trying to get an alternate type card, like a Discover or something for the sake of diversity and having our bases covered? I don't think I've run into a problem since I've had my MasterCard, but it's not like I use it that much or have had it that long...


Oct. 30th, 2005 11:58 am
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Anybody have any idea how much a dead battery (say an AA) is worth? Like materials and whatnot if it was going to be recycled. Are we talking pennies here? Dimes? Not actually worth anything but a health hazard at the land fill? I'm really curious...
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Surely there is a way to bulk unzip all the zip files in a directory... surely!

Any ideas? Yes, this is under Windows.
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Berry mold, particularly rasberry mold: just nasty, or an actual health hazzard?
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So, does Linens 'n' Things regularly send out 20% off coupons for a single item, or have those coupons in the news paper if you live in the right area? We keep getting them from Bed Bath and Beyond which is not quite equivalent, since thanks to some duplicate wedding gifts, we now have a rather obscene amount of store credit to Linens 'n' Things. Anybody know? Anybody want to clip some and send them to us (baring in mind that anything which expires before August 1st isn't particularly useful since we don't want to buy stuff and then move it)?
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Err, is this some virus or something? I've never heard of Viewpoint Media Player, but it claims to need to update itself and the dialog that came up gives me the options of updating or getting more info, but I'm not so keen on pushing any of the buttons. This is the third wacky no-options update I've gotten this week.


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