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A question on a message board I read was posed, asking about what unique ceremony ideas we had included in our wedding. Normally I might have responded by offering a link to the Illustrated Transcript of Our Wedding Ceremony, but I felt moved to write my thoughts about many aspects of our ceremony instead (unique and otherwise). I tried to respond and got carried away with an almost 3000 word description of our wedding ceremony and what the various aspects meant to me, written in small pieces over the course of the past week or so. I'm not sure I did a very good job of answering her question, but I'm pleased to have put these words to paper 'puter for my own sake. And hence the decision to post what I have written here in my own journal, for my own reference, and only leave a link on the message board... and apologies for not using those filters I've made. [This entry subject to editing as I think of more I wish to write on the included topics... particularly I know I have more to say about the rose ceremony at some point.]

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A random stranger (one of about 20 per day who randomly surf onto my wedding dress page) just made my day today with this comment:

I've been sitting here trying to think of what to say about this photo to do it justice. I can't believe what a stunning picture this is! Such a pretty bride .. in one of the most [perfectly] beautiful and romantic dresses I've ever seen; .. a very handsome groom in such a fun, romantic attire; .. a totally awesome background (plus, looks like one of those perfect, beautiful days); .. aaannndd .. the photographer did such a great job including the exposure. I think this is the #1, best overall bride-and-groom picture I've ever seen. My only complaint would be that the photographer should have used a wide-angle lense so he/she could have also gotten your "pumpkin" carriage in the pic. Amazing! I hope you don't mind that I downloaded it onto my computer as it is just so beautiful, refreshing, interesting, magical, and uplifting to look at. A million-dollar photo. If all [any] of my photos were this perfect, I'd be a very wealthy and famous .. and proud photographer. Of course, congratulations goes to YOU for the beautiful contents of the picture!

About this photo:

I am suddenly much more tempted to go against my principles and enter in that wedding photo contest Holly posted about to have people vote for...
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This is an article about landscape backdrops like the one Josh and I got married in front of at the Kinton Grange! Cool, eh?

We, The Kinton Grange Players, found the backdrop which Josh and I used in our wedding, and another one, when we remodeled the stage for our last performance, "Snow White and the Seven Riding Hoods." Long story short, when we got to the Grange, the stage was boxed in with three little entrances, and we'd gotten fed up with working with them and wanted a real stage with some semblance of wing, etc, so we removed the inner walls and ceiling, and up in the attic, inaccessible without removing the ceiling, were these two amazing curtains... thus we concluded that our remodeled stage is probably much more like the original than the boxed in stage was. They were (and are) in excellent condition, and so old that the phone numbers on the ads (the one we didn't use for the wedding had ads for local businesses) were only 4 digits!

The backdrop from the Kinton Grange (right before our wedding) )

The Curtain Rises on Old Vermont )
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Of possible interest to a few people on my friends list:

I've created the community [ profile] weddingceremony for the exchange of wedding ceremonies to be used as an archive of examples, sources, and guides for couples writing and/or piecing together wedding ceremonies.
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This is a wedding ceremony posted to [ profile] weddingplans by [ profile] kageneko that was very inspirational to me:

This is our wedding ceremony (also posted to [ profile] weddingplans at one point, and then again whenever I see someone asking for example ceremonies):

And this is a draft of a wedding ceremony posted in [ profile] weddingplans by [ profile] enchantedautumn:

Okay, so perhaps not of especially much interest to people who aren't me and Josh... but I'm quite flattered to see someone using large parts of our ceremony... even if I gathered much of it from else where myself. And they clearly are copied from our ceremony. Not a word of our vows were original, but they came from at least 5 distinct sources (including two books)... and theirs matched ours word for word... okay, so I guess they changed "love" to "union" in one place (in a sentense we ended up cutting late in the process actually), but still, too similar for coincidence. Anyhow, it made me happy.
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For those of you who couldn't be there with us, here is the illustrated ceremony:

A few additional ceremony photographs, and a lot of duplicates are here:

Here are morning photographs of Josh and I:

Family photos and reception photos may come at a separate time.

If anyone on LJ took photos of our wedding, we'd love copies. Hint... hint... our HMC addresses still work.
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When it comes to all the photos from the wedding... there's really a lot of them! I think by tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of Josh and I from the morning of the wedding and an illustrated transcript of the ceremony. Someday I might also start working on the reception photos, but certainly not before the holiday, and possibly not for a lot time... I was pretty disappointed in the reception to tell the truth.

No idea when I'm going to find time to write about the wedding... I already have written some, but it's in my paper journal, and not for sharing really. There's just too much to say, it makes it really difficult to say anything at all. But I'm sure enjoying poring over the ceremony pictures with every spare moment... it was so perfect, everything I'd hoped for and more. And the pictures are beautiful.

But if you want to know a secret, the best part of all (aside from marrying Josh) was realizing how confident I was. I always second guess myself about everything, and the engagement was no different. I was afraid I'd get up there and find I was unable to go through with it. I was afraid to get up in front of everyone and stutter and cry my way through it (and I'm not a person who cries for joy). I had not expected to get up there and find myself filled with even more confidence and conviction than I'd felt before... yet that's exactly what happened. It was a very strong sense of knowing I was doing the right thing... it is a liberating and relaxing feeling. I think I am finally done second guessing myself, about this at least.

Relatedly, two nights ago was, I think, the first time we've ever yelled at each other about money. Funny how simple disagreements can so easily turn to yelling when you are exhausted...

Guess who

Jun. 17th, 2005 10:54 pm
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Guess who's getting married in 15 hours?

The rehearsal was actually a great deal of fun. I'd been afraid that we'd all be at each other's throats, but we really had a lot of fun. And then dinner was fun too.

I'm still worried about rain, but mostly I'm really pleased with how everything seems to be coming together. People really seem to be coming out of the wood work to help get everything done, which is really fantastic since I've been a bit of a wreck due to lack of sleep.

Last New Years we arrived a few days early for my cousin Dorothy's wedding and did a lot of helping. I almost didn't see Dorothy, and when I did, she just looked exhausted... now I understand why.

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I feel like we spent too long planning, not so much in the logistics end, but I think two years to be engaged was kind of too long to be envisioning the wedding. On the other hand, it has been two years with really a lot of growth for our relationship. When I think about the possibility of getting married this time last year like we originally planned... well, I think we weren't ready yet. So much has changed since then.

I should see about doing the things I need to do before I go to bed.


Jun. 10th, 2005 08:29 am
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Why do I always feel the need to feed the trolls.

Troll: "You're right, running away will only make things worse, and remember -it's your wedding and it's supposed to be a joyous event! Though if I were you, I would reconsider the shiny satin bloomers that you are making your FI and GMs wear."

Me: "I am not MAKING the groom and groomsmen wear them. Those are what my FI chose and talked me into spending hundreds of hours making."

Troll: "If your FI wants to wear shiny satin bloomers instead of normal pants at your wedding, I'd say that your mom is the least of your worries. I mean -- whatever floats your boat, but in 20 years how will you both feel about the shiny satin bloomers and white pirate's shirts?"

This wouldn't be so offensive if I hadn't clearly stated in the originial post that the wedding is less than two weeks away (not to mention that the post had nothing to do with the outfit, she must have been browsing my bio). Okay, that attitude toward anything I'd put so much time and effort into would be a little offensive (anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that if you feel that way about something like that you keep your mouth shut), but clearly her only goal is to make me feel bad because obviously if she did succeed in getting me to change my mind, it would be too late to change the outfits anyway. And even though I know this has probably nothing to do with the outfits and everything to do with her being a troll... it still just really pisses me off that people like that exist in the world.

Though it is really funny that she thinks I should be controlling what Josh wears to the wedding. Most brides first don't let their grooms have any say over the wedding dress, and second don't let their grooms see the dress until they walk down the aisle. Sadly she doesn't have any pictures posted in her bio, so I can't make a scathing remark about how slutty and feather-duster-ish her wedding dress probably is, and how timeless it no doubt isn't.
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I had a dream that it was the day after the wedding and I couldn't remember a thing about how it had gone. I was talking about it with my mother hoping that she would jog my memory, and asking her if the photographer had gotten pictures of specific things that would jog my memory. And it turned out that for some reason, we'd pretty much missed the reception (not for photos or anything, we'd spent it in the kitchen washing dishes or something). It turned out that we'd missed the cake cutting, the garter/bouquet toss, dinner, and the first dance. Apparently we were there for the toasts, but that was about it. I was so pissed. And then I woke up. 16 days...
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The sun came out, we got better pictures.

Rings!!! )


May. 28th, 2005 01:12 pm
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Josh asked me to marry him when I got home from work yesterday.

He'd just gotten our new and final (hopefully!) rings back from the jewelers. The gold filled rings we finished last summer deteriorated badly in only one year of wear, so these ones are solid 18 and 14 kt gold... so hopefully they will actually last. I want to get some photos of them in the sunlight because I think that'll probably work better, but I can't help myself, I want to show them off right now... and it's raining out today anyway.

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So I was just sitting there racking my brian trying to figure out who the last two people are who are supposed to be invited to the rehearsal dinner, because the numbers just weren't adding up to what I remembered that they should be. Josh observed that we had all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and everyone in our immediate families, so it must be someone else who was participating in the ceremony.

But who else was participating in the ceremony? I already had them all written down. I wrote the fricken thing, I should know who's participating in it!!!

Oh, yeah, those last two people, they would be Josh and I... it would be useful for us to participate in our own wedding ceremony... yeah... it would.
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It would have been nice if my fiance had let me know whether or not he expected to be home between 2pm (when I got off work) and 4:30pm (when the picnic starts)... or left me a note or an email or something.


Something in the kitchen stinks really bad. And it's not the trash. That's what I thought it was yesterday, but I took out the trash and aired out the apartment yesterday and the smell just came right back.

I'm ready to be done planning the wedding. I never want to plan another one ever again. Not that this is a bad thing or anything, but another 5 weeks or so before the feeling set in would have been nice.

I think getting up at 5am makes me grumpy.

I think eating lunch at 10:30am makes me hungry.

I think it's time to go do something which will be more productive than this is.


May. 5th, 2005 09:03 pm
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We recieved our second wedding gift of expensive Henckel's kitchen knives today. To clarify, this would be the second set not counting the set Josh's mom gave him for Christmas... so this makes 2 out of 2 of expensive gifts that we didn't ask for which turning out to be kitchen knives. What's more, they came from two of Josh's aunts who are sisters (of each other, not, like, of the church). What's even more than that is that we got the lower grade knives first, so we've already opened them, started using them, and gotten rid of the packaging (doh!).

And neither of them came with a card telling us not to use them to settle domestic disputes (which is what the card said that my sister and brother-in-law got with the knives that they were given for their wedding).

I'm trying not to be a bridezilla here, really I am not: one set of knives that wasn't on the registry is awesome... two sets is a bit excessive.

Not that I'm complaining. They're awesome knives, or an awesome amount of store credit or cash if we decide to take them back.

Are knives like this standard traditional gift that everyone gets tons of for wedding gifts or something? I always thought fondue pots filled that roll.

::not so much liking the idea of having knives coming out of her ears::


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