Dec. 28th, 2006 09:05 pm
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I think my SD card reader in my 'puter may have just failed... :-(

Okay, actually it was just itching for a reboot.

Now I get to be a picture whore.

We had a yummy candle light dinner tonight.  Yes, Josh got me a candelabra for Christmas.  It's pretty cool.

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Today Josh and I biked up the Skokie Forest Preserve trail. We parked our car on Dempster and went north from there. We were about to turn around thinking that the Chicago Botanic Gardens were still a ways further along, when we saw a sign across the street indicating that we were across the street from the far side of the Botanic Gardens. Seeing as admission to the Botanic Gardens is free (they charge $10 to park a car), we crossed the street and biked into the gardens. We didn't get to enjoy the Botany, however, as we were 11 miles away from our car and expecting it to start raining soon, but we were hungry, so we went into the cafe for lunch. It was very yummy and much deserved. We were also quite impressed by how much they had blooming too--they had roses blooming amazingly enough! I'm too tired to really post more than that about the biking though. Except that also we saw 6 deer in 2 groups. It's hard to point out deer to your sweat heart:

"Yeah, I heard you. What is it?"

Fortunately the deer were rather tame and were not scared away by this. Urban dear clearly.

Um, yeah, photos:

In other news:

I also started the project of refinishing our table. It is sitting in the second bedroom drying the first coat right now (with the door closed and the window open. Also, before biking, I took in my zip offs about an inch and a half vertically at the hips... which looks kind of odd, but makes them fit better. I hadn't been thinking of this pair as a mock up originally, but I think that's what they are. I think the next pair will fit just right.

Aside from all that, accomplishments of the day include such mundane tasks as laundry, kitchen clean up, bickering with my spouse, and rearranging the furniture in the bedroom... or actually both bedrooms since we put the dinning room table in one of them.
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Today was a beautiful spring day. We ate dinner out on the balcony. It was lovely.


Apr. 6th, 2006 03:21 pm
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Last night Josh and I brought the camping pads and blankets into the living room to watch Angel, and ended up deciding to spend the night there. It was fun. It's been a long long time since I've camped out in the living room. :-)
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Sometimes relationships are hard work, other times they are just exhausting.

Like lately... I haven't had a good night's sleep in a week. Every night it's like a sleep over with my best friend... only with no parents being kept awake to come in and threaten us with "No more sleepovers unless you quiet down and go to sleep!"

I thought maybe if we had a horrible, "I'm too angry to talk to you right now" fight before bed then maybe we could get some sleep. But Josh says he wouldn't want to go to bed angry, so we'd still have to stay up.

I can't win. No sleep for me.


Maybe someday we will get tired of this.


For something completely unrelated, I think this looks like a really neat house. Not that I'm in anyway thinking of buying it, being that right now it's in the wrong part of the world, wrong price, wrong neighborhood, wrong size, wrong time to buy, and wrong market. But I think it's a pretty nifty floor plan anyhow. Maybe someday I'll get to live in a house with a courtyard...


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Josh: A beautiful picture of a beautiful bride.
Me: ::sigh::
Josh: My bride.
Me: ::sigh::
Josh: Always gonna be my bride.
Me: ::sigh::
Josh: If you divorce me and you want to get married again, it's gonna have to be to me.
Me: What if you don't want to marry me?
Josh: ummm...
Me: What if you wanted to divorce me and got married to somebody else. Do you want me to be the creepy ex-wife who is always coming around trying to win you back?
Josh: Yes.

Just for the record, just in case, I figure I should have this exchanged witnessed.


Dec. 17th, 2005 07:25 pm
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I just got back from dropping Josh off at the Train Station. He is going to see his parents until the 23rd, when he will be flying out to Oregon to meet me. I still have to work, so I'm going to have 5 lonely days until Thursday the 22nd, when I fly out to Oregon. I've already had two travel nightmires, I think related to this upcoming trip.

Last night Josh and I went out to a very expensive restaurant to celebrate our half-anniversary, which was today. It was really nice; I had a great time. Josh gave me some rainbow heart shoe laces just like the ones I gave him the first summer we were dating... except new. I think they're really sweet.

I must do my best not to go crazy during these days alone. When I was little, I always used to love being home alone... much as I like my parent's company, I guess I like Josh's better.

I have big plans for this week. I want to finish making a bunch of Christmas presents (and I've had a major set back on those... I don't think Henry Ford made the first Model T on an assembly line... I don't know what always makes me think I can work assembly line-style when I don't really know what I'm doing because I've never done it before). I want to watch the BBC Narnia DVDs I was given for Christmas. I want to listen to the Narnia books on CD I was given for Christmas. And finally, I want to clean up the entire apartment... which is not as big of a task as it sounds like since Josh already picked up most of his stuff, and we mostly cleaned the kitchen today... including the frig. Josh left me set up with 10 meals of leftovers all individually wrapped up and ready to go in the microwave so I wont have to cook (as I don't much like cooking alone and tend to forget to eat alone). Awww... :-)

But now I think I should call my parents... I haven't talked to them in a while.
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When am I going to wake up and discover that it is all just a happy dream?

The suspense is killing me.

Happy sigh... :-)
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- Josh took me on an architecture boat tour of Chicago for my birthday today. It was awesome. I know a lot more about Chicago than I did when I got up this morning.

- There was a train derailment in Chicago today... not the line I get to work on, but the same commuter rail system. If anyone is interested, here is an article about it:

- Congratulations, Jess! :-)


Sep. 15th, 2005 08:58 pm
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Josh and I went bowling. Bowling is totally fun, and it doesn't start obsurdly late in the evenings. We bowled two games and got 3 frames into a third when Josh's rist started hurting and I decided I'd abused my leg enough (it started hurting on around frame 7 of the first game). But the bowling alley charges by the hour, so there was no feeling that we were wasting our money to leave mid game.

Josh was kind enough to let me win the first game: 110/101,
But he totally creamed me on the second game: 130/90
what can I say, my leg was cramping up something awful during the second game.

Should do that more often.
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Me: Is your wife home yet?
Josh: Yes.
Me: Where is she?
Josh: She's somewhere in this room... shhhhh....
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"I love you." -- me
"What?" -- Joshua
"Nothing!" -- me
"I love you too." -- Joshua

Posted: October 30, 2002
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I'd been working on my DEs homework since about 11pm that night. It was going really slow and I was having some trouble with it. I was working in Chessers Lounge, sitting next to the heater, because Josh was there. He'd come over and sat next to me and was half heartedly reading Latin. Except, as often as not, when I looked over, the book was closed and he was watching me or looking at my homework. At one point he got up and went outside for a minute because there was something noisy going on out there. He came back and said that Vrable was up. I went over to look, because I'd never seen Vrable awake at 2am before. When I came back, Josh was sitting on my side of the heater looking, shall we say, expectant? So I went over and sat in his lap and continued working on my DEs homework. I was *so* tired. It was really hard to work, and slow. And I suppose I was more than a little distracted. One or twice I felt him touching my hair. And I'd lay my head against his chest and close my eyes and rest for a minute.

Perhaps this is when we started dating, perhaps not. We never really got around to talking about it until last summer. I like thinking about it as when we started dating and keeping it as our special date because it is one of my very favorite memories.

Posted: August 2, 2002


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