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Man, I feel like such a junkie. Spaced out a lot. Popping pills all the time. Not getting my work done. Etc.

See, there are worse things than the flu. I'm going to get better one day soon. And I'm not going to need to go to rehab. And I don't need to worry about getting arrested. Swell.


Oct. 24th, 2009 08:32 pm
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So what do you think... really bad head cold = swine flu? Or just really bad head cold?

Josh is on day four and mostly better, after 3 days off work last week. I am on day two and very tired, after 1 day off last week. We both had our seasonal flu shots a while ago.

Either way, sharing a cold? Still not as romantic as it sounds...


May. 8th, 2009 07:37 pm
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I think I need to get more exercise. During our trip, it seemed like we were walking around all day every day, and I really liked it. Yes, it made my feet hurt something awful, so maybe it was a little much, but mostly it was great. I was afraid that when we got back, I was going to feel like I needed a vacation after our vacation, because it had been so GO GO GO the whole time. On the contrary, I went back to work on Monday (after getting home late-ish Sunday night), and I was so happy to sit at my desk. I felt like I was thinking more clearly than I had in a year. And probably I was. After all that exercise and stimulation of the trip, sitting at my desk doing work really hit the spot. And I just felt so alive. Then I got that timely article from my father-in-law.

I think I should really make an effort to get more exercise into my everyday (or at least every weekend) life. I think I'd be a lot happier. Of course, I've known this for a long time. The thing is, it's just not that interesting to always walk around the same neighborhood. I'll keep up a faster pace if I'm interested in where I am. I'll walk further if I'm exploring an exciting new area. And it seems, in addition to my job, most of my other interests involve being at home and relatively sedentary. I feel like I need to change this. But how? I don't know. I'm going to work on it.

I'm going to work on it as soon as I'm well, anyway. Here's the thing, I feel like I'm mostly over my cold, but the last few times I've gone out and tried to do some more strenuous exercise (which could potentially help with the wanting to get more of it without dedicating too much time), I've gotten really light headed and had to stop. When I biked into work yesterday, I had Josh walk me up to my office when we got there because I was afraid I was going to fall over. WTF? It was only a 2 mile ride, even if I did take it a little fast. I'm going to get my iron levels checked one of these days soon, but they've been totally normal for years now, so I don't really think that's it. Hopefully it's just that I'm not totally over this cold, or at least will otherwise pass. But it's frustrating when my body just wont do what I tell it to, especially without much faith that this is going to go away with practice. Eh, I guess I should make it a point of testing whether or not it will.

Also, the bike thing is something I've experienced before. I think I'm totally fine while I'm on the bike, but then I stop, get off, and all of a sudden I can hardly stand up and my vision goes dark around the edges. It's really frightening. What if that not being able to stand up or see had come over me while I was breezing along at 15-20 miles per hour? Of course, it never has before, but it doesn't make me all that interested in getting back on the bike. Maybe it's just a "I stood up to fast" thing... it is like that, only much stronger... but at any rate it's really frightening.


Jan. 21st, 2009 01:00 pm
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Volleyball stuff )

In conclusion, life is good.

Sick day

Nov. 4th, 2008 07:54 am
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Of all the crappy ass days to be too sick to go into work.  Now I seriously wish I'd voted early.  Then I really could stay home/in bed all day.  Blah. 

Long sleep

Nov. 1st, 2008 10:52 am
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I went to bed at 9pm last night, a half hour or so after Josh, and didn't get up until 9am this morning.  I didn't feel rested before that (Josh tried to get me to go have "breakfast" with him at 6:30am because he was hungrier than he was tired, but I was too tired for that).  Josh kept me up some, with his sneezing and wheezing, but not that much.  I feel a lot better this morning, and so does he.  He fairly clearly had a fever last night... I should have realized immediately when I got home and turned down the heat because it was so beastly hot inside.  But it was pretty clear when I found him in bed under both down comforters with the bedroom temperature reading 71 degrees.  We've been sleeping under both down comforters lately, but the heat went on for the first time this season yesterday... so previously we'd been using both down comforters when it was like 59 degrees in the bedroom.  I finally got him to take his temperature at 6 in the morning, which in hindsight he thinks was actually after the fever broke (he'd already tossed off some of the covers), and it came in at 100.3.  Makes me wonder what it was before...  But anyhow, his temperature was all the way down to normal by the time we got up this morning.  I'm working on my fancy dress and I think we're on for the party tonight (yay!)... though I think perhaps we should refrain from bringing a potluck dish, just in case we are still contagious, beyond the big giant bowl of leftover candy. 

Anyway, I hope I really truly am better this morning.  I so don't want to come down with what Josh had... he was pretty miserable. 
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... but I wish she knew a bit more about sewing.

A few years ago she gave me this pattern (and accompanying fabric) for a nice garment that really wasn't my style, so I never made it.  But it is just what I need for Halloween this year, so I am making it now.  Now I'm sure she thought that a pattern with sizes 6 through 12 would, of course, contain the right size for me.  And it would... if sewing sizes were like store bought clothing sizes.  In sewing sizes I am a 15.  Fortunately I do know how to size up patterns, so it should still work.  But it would have been easier with the right size...  silly sewing sizes...

No, you don't get to know the costume yet.  I'll post pictures after Halloween, and hope that I am recognizable enough for people to figure it out. 

And now I shall to bed, in hopes of not getting any sicker than I already am.  Because I so can't afford to miss work right now. 

Actually, that's not quite true.  I wanted to say that I am really enjoying playing volleyball.  And I made my first spike today.  Okay, so it wasn't like an amazing spike or anything (it came back), but it did go over the net and I am very proud of that... never done that before.  I don't mean never in a game either, I mean never ever.  And last week I served a whole bunch of times in a row... and not just a whole bunch for me, it was a whole bunch by our team's standards too (of course, that's not "all me" or anything, but most of the time most of us can't make that many good serves in a row to start with).  I'm not sure I'm not still the weakest player on the court, but for once I'm not sure that I am either... at any rate I don't feel like a horrible liability to the team anymore, and I feel really awesome about that. 


Aug. 14th, 2008 09:44 pm
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Did I mention that Josh and I signed up to play Volleyball with people from work? Anyhow, our first practice was today, and driving over there I was thinking to myself, "Why did I sign up for this? I'm going to have a horrible time and then feel bad about quitting but worse about staying on the team," but instead I had a really really really good time. I'd forgotten how much I liked volleyball... and I don't suck quite as much as I remembered either. Also, I don't think I've ever played in sand before. I actually liked it because I'm so clumsy to begin with it wasn't that much of a hindrance... and it hurts a lot less to fall down on than I've imagine the gym floor would (and tried very hard to avoid learning about first hand). We also purchased a volleyball on the way home so that I can maybe get in some extra practice and learn how to sometimes make the ball go in the desired direction rather than a random direction when I hit it. That would be useful...

Yay volleyball! Yay socialization!
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I've done a significant amount of work on the desk the last 3 days (like, multiple hours each day), including a lot of use of the power sander. To update, when I started this evening, all the "outside" sides/front/back are done to 180 grit, and the inside "sides" were done to 80 grit. My goal for tonight was to do the inside "sides" to 180 grit tonight... which is probably only around 1 hours worth of work (not many corners/edges/curves, no more paint). However, I found after only a few minutes that I can hardly hold the power sander stable right now with my right hand because my muscles hurt (or really, not because they hurt... the pain isn't so bad... mostly they just don't respond to commands with any level of precision right now). My left hand has the same problem... only without any pain at all and for an entirely different reason.

Sigh. I'm so excited about getting this project done... and I have a hard enough time finding daylight hours to work on it... it's disappointing when I have the time to go out there and find I am unable to work on it. Oh well. I spent a good long time out there admiring it instead. Our entire evening is double booked tomorrow, so I should have a day to recover before I'm giving up any more time that I might have spent on it.

On the somewhat related subject of office furniture, we need more filing cabinets. Our funky little two drawer cabinet we bought in Evanston is getting rather full. I'd like to get something quad high, and at least double wide... possibly in a lateral configuration, and hopefully reasonably attractive looking (like wood or laminate). However, we might instead buy one or two of these or these (if they stack safely, which might be wishful thinking). As Josh is quick to point out, we really don't need that much filing space at this time... but I am confident we will eventually and have some desire for matching filing cabinets.

On the non-related subject of labtops, Becca's old Inspiron 1450 and another even older laptop arrived in the mail today. We'll be building a combination laptop out of Becca's old 1450 and my old 1450, which I am way more excited about than I have any right to be. Thanks Becca! That's exactly what I wanted for my birthday... and a month early too!
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Josh and I cleaned up the office today. It's been a wreck since... oh, pretty much when we moved in. We also moved my (old) desk out of here into the library/sewing room and the love seat in to take it's place... since I'd rather compute on the love seat than at a desk. It's nice in hear now that it's clean and organized.

I also spent 2-3 hours working on my (new) desk. The front, back, and one of the sides are now free of paint (or as free as they are getting) and fully sanded up to 180 grit sand paper (I need to work my way up to 300-something before staining--one or two more rounds). The other side is within inches of being done... but my light went away. Then there are the inside bits (where your legs go). The rest of the sanding rounds should go faster because I will only be smoothing out the wood from my previous sanding jobs... rather than digging out every last speck of paint. Anyhow, I'm really pleased at my progress in the last few weekends. I think I should be able to get all the sanding done in another 20-30 hours. And then it's staining and varnishing! Yay!

Also, there are some spots where there was a hole before the desk was painted, which is now full of paint... and where these holes are deep, there is precious little I can do about them. The final step (or maybe next to last before varnishing) will be filling the holes with wood putty and maybe applying a little brown paint to touch up these imperfections. I'm really excited though... I feel like the end is actually in sight, however far away a sight it is...

My goal, which Josh assures me I will make because he hates scraping snow off the car, is to get the desk completely finished and out of the garage before the first snow of the year. So I'm counting on having at least until mid-October.

Next up: Reupholstering Grandma's couch. (Don't hold your breath...)

Now to do some work work...

Edited to add: Today, just now (9:50pm), I set a personal record. That's right, I jogged 1 mile without stopping! Never done that before. At 11 minutes 20 seconds, it wasn't the fastest overland mile I've ever done on foot, but it is the only one I've maintained a jogging pace for the whole thing nonstop.


Jul. 16th, 2008 08:29 am
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For the first time in... at least a month or two... I woke up feeling really refreshed and well rested. Furthermore, I did it not only before the alarm went off (because I pushed it back an hour), but also only 7 minutes after the alarm would have gone off if I hadn't moved it. Even though I decided to stay in bed and relax for a goodly long while and give Josh a back rub, I was still at work earlier than I was yesterday.

Sleeping through the night rocks. I should do it more often. I should endeavor to be in a physical, mental, and emotional state condusive to it more often. Also, I think it helped that we ran the AC all evening, bringing the temperature of the bedroom down to 65 degrees, and then turned off the AC and didn't open the window or turn on the fan when we went to bed... so it was both cool and QUIET all night.


Jun. 3rd, 2008 08:53 pm
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I just rendered 2 lbs of tofu for later use. Pressed it, cubed it, and froze it. According to "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" it is good that way. Apparently, since the water expands when it freezes, it forces itself out of the tofu and you get, like, super-pressed tofu. We shall see. Also, it seems actually pretty good plain and raw. I have not had plain and raw tofu since my mom was on her tofu kick sometime well before I was in high school. I remember not liking it plain and raw at the time, but the little bits that broke off today and I ate were pretty good. Maybe my tastes have changed. Or maybe the difference could be buying the expensive ($2/lb) organic tofu. And for a final thought on tofu of the day, I have always known that you are supposed to press* tofu before cooking it to get the water out. I assumed I learned this from my mom, but when I was on the phone with her over the weekend and asked her if she had ever tried freezing tofu to get super-pressed tofu, she claimed to have never heard of pressing tofu. So perhaps I learned the pressing thing from William (the vegetarian man next door who was like another father to me). I should call him at some point and see what he thinks of freezing tofu.

* Press as in with a paper towel, like you might do with bacon--though I have sworn off paper towels and used a linen towel instead.
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Has anyone seen any flying pigs lately?

I know they are around here someplace... )
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I'm tired of being sick. It was right around 3 weeks ago that I slept for like 22 hours over the weekend. I haven't slept that much all at once since, but I have been sleeping a lot, and am very tired the rest of the time. Add to this a little bit of a head cold, a little bit of a sore throat, and a little bit of nausea over the last 3 weeks, and really none of it is all that bad. But I am exhausted all the time and I am sick of it. I had myself convinced I was pregnant for a while, but fortunately that's not the case. I think I am going to go take a nap... even though that sounds like a totally lame way to spend my weekend.
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Former Mudders,

Anyone know what happened to Baxter? I'm having trouble finding their website. Did they become this place:

(Needing some medical records...)
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Don't just skim for ingredients. Read the instructions all the way to the end before starting.

Experiment of the day: Washing hair with baking soda )

This is why I wasn't a lab major.


Sep. 25th, 2007 11:30 am
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Eleven months ago we purchased a fancy bike for Josh and I posted This Entry.

Since then he has lost like 15-20 lbs (140 lbs down from 155-160). I think he may actually be in better shape now than when I met him... mmm... smokin'! (Not that he wasn't a total hottie this time last year too.)

What a great investment! I can't believe I argued against him buying it in the first place! I am such a lucky girl... :-)
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My insurance does not play well with my pharmacy. We're on a high deductible insurance plan this year, with a employer sponsored Health Reimbursement Account. I don't know if it will work out to a good deal in the end (though it will if we stay healthy), but it's got simplicity going for it. So the long and short of what matters for this post is that the first $1500 Josh and I spend on prescriptions, office visits, etc, this will come out of the Health Reimbursement Account, and we wont need to hand over a penny. Five weeks ago I picked up my first round of birth control under this new system. It was great, I handed her my health insurance card, she ran it, she handed me my prescription and she said, "You owe us... never mind... wow, nice insurance!" I'm on auto refills (get a phone call when it's time to pick it up), so I proceeded to forget about the whole thing for a little while.

Then it got to be last week, and I was thinking... "Surely it's time for me to get my call from Walgreens... maybe I missed it?" "Nope, no message on my voice mail." Then it gets to be time to open my next package and I go to the drawer where I keep it. It's empty. Huh? We check the credit card bill and find no record of an appropriate transaction for 2 months. Huh? Then we remember our new insurance and log onto their website. It shows my prescription being refilled and paid for last Monday. Huh? Did I pick it up Monday and then completely forget about it, AND fail to put it away, AND fail to leave it out anywhere obvious, AND fail to find it when we cleaned up this weekend? So then we try to figure out how to log onto Verizon to see if maybe I did get that call and completely forgot about it. Eventually we managed to log onto the Verizon website (for the first time ever) and discover that because we're not primary on the account, we can't see the call log (either that or we can't find it because we just can't find it). Then eventually we decide that even though our local Walgreens is closed, maybe we can call a 24-hour Walgreens location and ask about the status of my prescription. Turns out we can. It's at the closed Walgreens, 1/2 mile away, been waiting for me since Monday. Lovely. Further looking through my cell phone history shows that I've gotten hardly any calls in the past month, and none of them have been from Walgreens.

So I guess either Walgreens was having a glitch on Monday, or Verizon was, or Walgreens got their entire payment from Lumenos, and therefore didn't bother placing a call to me because I didn't owe them any money, and therefore they didn't care if I came down to get my prescription. Any which way, I'm rather annoyed at the mix up and having quite a significant part of my evening dealing with this, and I think I will switch to prescriptions by mail for the future... which we discovered info about while trying to figure out whether or not I was going crazy on this whole thing of thinking I had not picked up my prescription. It's cheaper anyhow.


Jun. 27th, 2007 08:26 am
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I had a dream last night that Josh was riding his bike without his helmet. I realized he didn't have it on, just as he was taking a serious tumble (8 feet straight down onto his back--don't ask, physics was wacked out in my dream). I asked him if he'd hit his head, and he said no... I think thinking that I hadn't seen him hit his head. I argued with him and eventually he conceded that he may have hit it a little. I asked if we should take him to the hospital. He said no, and we argued about that for a little bit too... until he passed out. I didn't know what to do. But there was a van just pulling out of the parking lot where we were and I noticed that [ profile] lizzie9208 was driving it, and I went and banged on her window until she looked up and answered me. She agreed to drive us to the hospital. On the way we stopped and picked up my parents. They made me promise to let them know it we couldn't pay the hospital bill. I just sat there getting more and more tense, checking Josh for signs of life every few seconds. Eventually we got to the emergency room and I woke up.


Jun. 2nd, 2007 04:03 pm
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Some days, like today, I just spend the whole day feeling so lethargic. I wish I knew why. Is it that I haven't gotten enough sleep? Enough water? Enough exercise? Enough fun? I hate feeling this way. I cannot get anything done. I am nearly incapable of being productive. Even if I stand up slowly, my head swims. My whole Saturday is going to go to waste and I'm not going to get another one until next week... and it might end up this same way too. Does this feeling of self-loathing come from the wasted day that I cannot seem to help? Or could this lethargic feeling come from a foul disposition?

I think maybe I should quit whinning and take a nap and a glass of water.

Edit: The nap made me feel so much better. OMG better, like I feel like a human being again. Normally I am very anti-nap: either I can't sleep, I have nightmires, or I end up unable to sleep that night... but so far so good today. Now I just wish I'd done it first thing this morning!


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