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My sister is pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Let's break out the champagne. Well, for everyone but my sister that is.
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Also, had a nice chat with my dad tonight about his surgery yesterday and the bookshelf Josh and I are building.  It's not very often that I actually talk with him on the phone.  Sometimes I call home when he is home and my mom puts it on speaker phone and he listens in, but normally it's just me and my mom talking.  It was nice to have a long talk with my dad... and I think he had good input on the bookcase project. 


Nov. 14th, 2006 11:43 am
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It is good to be home. It is less good to be back at work.

The family reunion went okay. In spite of Josh not coming with me, only one person was rude enough to ask me to my face if I was still married. It was really good to see my parents, brother, and sister&family again. Lachlan, my youngest nephew, is now a year old and so much more "grown up" and cute than he was at Christmas time. He is walking around, but not talking yet. Kieran (8) seems to take his role as big brother very seriously, and it was very sweet to see him helping to look after Lachlan as best he could. Tristan (10) is also noticably more grown up and has entered the world of braces. As far as the extended family... well, nobody killed each other. But as usual, there was no shortage of drama. I had a really good time talking politics with my parents during the 5 hour car ride back to Portland from Bandon, and during the weekend I talked Shippy into letting me list some of his pottery on ebay... which I will hopefully be getting to actually doing shortly.

I didn't want to come into work today though. After 5 days away and hardly even getting to talk with Josh (no internet and almost no cell coverage available in Bandon), and then not getting home until practically bed time last night... I just wanted to be at home with him for longer before getting back to the old grind.
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Ugh. Going back to bed results in two vivid and very different nightmires in which my mother dies. I wonder if maybe that's what the first nightmire was about too.

So much for sleeping in and getting a good nights sleep.

It's a boy!

Nov. 6th, 2005 09:34 pm
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It's a boy!

Josh and I have a new nephew! His name is Lachlan, and he was born around 9am this morning. Apparently the labor was really really hard (like harder than my sister's other two, which were themselves pretty hard), but only lasted about 7 hours (4 at the hospital). We got a message about it this evening (we'll actually I think we got the message this morning, but we were at the grocery store).

I called my parents thinking that they would still be up in Seattle with my sister, but they were in the car driving home already. After telling me how hard the labor was, they told me to go ahead and call my sister. I was afraid that she wouldn't appreciate the call and that she would be exhausted and grouchy after the long labor, but I was so wrong. I just got off the phone with her and she sounded so happy and cheerful. I've never heard her sound so cheerful on the telephone. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. The labor is done, the pregnancy is done, and they kind of sucked, but now she finally has that third baby she's wanted for the past 5 years or so. I'm so happy for her.

They say he is the cutest thing in the world. My parents will be sending me some pictures soon. I'm reserving judgement. I've never seen a cute new born before... generally they start out kind of, well... ugly.
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Well, we did a better job than I expected getting the apartment cleaned up for my parents' visit. They are getting in tomorrow before we get home from work/school. I even cleaned the bathrooms. Josh says, "Wow! It's so... shiny!" I think he'd forgotten what color the counters were before we got them all dirty. I can't wait to show him that the toilet bowls are WHITE again!

Incidentally, are any of the Hyde Park folks going to be home on Friday during the day? I'd love to send my parents on a bike ride down the lake front on Friday morning (when I'm at work and Josh is at class), but they'd need somewhere to leave the bikes on the south side of town, and possibly shower before we take off at 1pm-ish for Cincinnati. If you guys aren't going to be home or aren't comfortable with my parents, that's fine... I haven't even mentioned this to them... but I'm sure they'd really love it if it was possible.


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