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Yay! My new purse is done! It's got flower fairies and converts into a larger tote for when I need to carry a sweater and lunch to work, or to a smaller purse when I don't need those things!

Pictures!!! )
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Well, I didn't get as much done on my Christmas projects today as I had intended. I did the embroidery for the general gifts for my parents and brother. But I had hoped to also work on the ones for my sister's family and the handkerchiefs for my sister... there's still plenty of time for those projects, of course, but I'm still hoping to embroider a full set of towels (2 bath/2 hand/2 wash cloths) for my dad, and "Turn the other cheek" underwear for my brother-in-law (yeah, giving underwear to my brother-in-law is a little weird, but I don't know anyone who would be likely to get a bigger kick out of them).

I did do well on the apartment cleaning front though. I cleaned up and vacuumed the living room, dining room, kitchen, and sitting room. And I washed the rest of the dishes and gave all the surfaces a more complete cleaning than they normally get. Also, I did laundry. So remaining on the cleaning front are the bathrooms and our bedroom. And since I just did laundry, the bedroom should be so bad.

On the entertainment front, I fought loneliness with 7 chapters of "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" on audio CD, the BBC version of "The Silver Chair", and two of my favorite "Firefly" episodes. I am, however, totally bummed out that the vacuum cleaner is so noisy... I totally would have watched and/or listened to more if it wasn't.

On the personal front, I took a shower and actually got dressed. Plus, I ate two full meals and also did some snacking.

All in all, it wasn't nearly so bad as I had feared... but I miss my husband. Also, I am already totally stressed out about my flight on Thursday... I wish I knew why travel caused me so much anxiety, and I wish I knew how to make it stop. I've already had two travel related nightmares recently, I think tied to this trip. Ugh.


Dec. 17th, 2005 07:25 pm
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I just got back from dropping Josh off at the Train Station. He is going to see his parents until the 23rd, when he will be flying out to Oregon to meet me. I still have to work, so I'm going to have 5 lonely days until Thursday the 22nd, when I fly out to Oregon. I've already had two travel nightmires, I think related to this upcoming trip.

Last night Josh and I went out to a very expensive restaurant to celebrate our half-anniversary, which was today. It was really nice; I had a great time. Josh gave me some rainbow heart shoe laces just like the ones I gave him the first summer we were dating... except new. I think they're really sweet.

I must do my best not to go crazy during these days alone. When I was little, I always used to love being home alone... much as I like my parent's company, I guess I like Josh's better.

I have big plans for this week. I want to finish making a bunch of Christmas presents (and I've had a major set back on those... I don't think Henry Ford made the first Model T on an assembly line... I don't know what always makes me think I can work assembly line-style when I don't really know what I'm doing because I've never done it before). I want to watch the BBC Narnia DVDs I was given for Christmas. I want to listen to the Narnia books on CD I was given for Christmas. And finally, I want to clean up the entire apartment... which is not as big of a task as it sounds like since Josh already picked up most of his stuff, and we mostly cleaned the kitchen today... including the frig. Josh left me set up with 10 meals of leftovers all individually wrapped up and ready to go in the microwave so I wont have to cook (as I don't much like cooking alone and tend to forget to eat alone). Awww... :-)

But now I think I should call my parents... I haven't talked to them in a while.


Oct. 23rd, 2005 04:44 pm
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It's been a weekend, but not a particularly exciting one. I've spent a lot of time fighting with my embroidery software stuff, and we did a lot of laundry and clean up (no one room looks completely wonderful unfortunately, but all are vastly improved). Plus lots of frittering away of time... which was not intended. Okay, for me a lot of that frittering away of time has been vaguly productive because I'm coming to understand my embroidery software a little better. Josh, on the other hand, has mostly killed a lot of aliens in whatever game that is that he is playing. Perhaps I should have been more clear with him about how I wanted to stay home this weekend because there was stuff I wanted to actually do by myself, and encouraged him to go out or something. But I suppose that if he had been gone, I wouldn't have gotten so much clean up done and we probably wouldn't have gone to Leona's for desert last night.

Hmmm... we've got another hour or so of daylight. I should get off my lazy butt and see about going to the forest preserve to look at all the pretty leaves.
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You know it's a good idea...

Almost as good as the "turn the other cheek" underwear I'm planning on making...
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I was successful! I managed to buy something expensive without spending more time thinking about it than it would have taken me to earn enough money to buy it! Yay! Go me!

Now I just can't wait for it to arrive so I can get started!

I ordered:
- Embroidery Magic 2 (does minor embroidery design altering and combining, and I will be getting some designs to go with it so I can do small text labels, plus it does digitizing)
- A tiny hoop and a jumbo hoop (b-day gifts from mom)
- 50 bobbins (should be a life time supply)
- A narrow hemmer foot for making handkerchiefs and other things with narrow hems.

I know, you guys don't even care...


Sep. 4th, 2005 09:19 pm
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Embroidery on my new embroidery machine is pretty slow. I mean, not like hand embroidery-slow, but still pretty slow. I'm making a Baby Bunting for Kim's baby, according to the "pattern" at the link below. It's a good chance for me to try out the embroidery on my machine. I'm doing a bunch of Halloween designs and the baby's name because he's supposed to be a Halloween baby (due Oct. 28th or so)... unfortunately I don't really like Halloween designs that much... I think I'd be enjoying this more if I was embroidering flowers or something. Oh well. My mom wants me to also make a little something personalized for each of my other two nephews as they will be along with their mother for the shower. I'm not really sure what though... I mean, I've got lots of frog and bug designs that I know they would love, but I'm not sure what to put them on. I want it to be something easy to make, and I want to put their names on them... but I'm not sure what, I was thinking of t-shirts, but lots of people think kids shouldn't wear clothes with their names on it for fear of getting abducted. Frankly I think my sister is too protective of her boys to let them out of her sight long enough to get, but that probably also means she wouldn't want them wearing t-shirts with their names on them. Perhaps my mom will have an alternate idea. I also want to make something for Kim that would just be for her... because that would be an excellent chance for me to use the pretty flower fairy designs I have, which I know she will like. But again, I don't know what... I was thinking of a diaper bag, but if I'm also making things for the other two children, that might be biting off a bit more than I can chew before September 23rd when I fly out for the baby shower.

For those who read my journal and not Josh's, we went camping for the first part of Labor Day weekend and we recently watched the movie Gandhi. Josh ([ profile] camlost) has a bit to say about them and I find myself with nothing much to add for once.
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Decisions decisions...

Should I buy this:
Which is 100 large spools for $108

Or this:
Which is 40 spools half the size of the ones above for $40

The larger set has, of course, more color variety and twice as much tread per dollar. But maybe I don't need that much thread, and the variety is certainly not two and a half times better. No idea about quality of thread from the two places.

SIGH. Probably I should just get the small set.

Tee hee hee

Aug. 5th, 2005 08:37 pm
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Machine embroidery is fun and easy. I now have flowers on my butt. (Well, on my panties at least...)


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