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September "Couple of the Month" contest:

"I nominate [ profile] sillygoosegirl because she offers up great advice and is honest and to the point. Her views on relationships are mature and she is willing to stand up for what she believes in." (spelling corrected)

Aw... I win...

Except, not really, this is just a nomination... and seeing as it's for a "Couple of the Month" contest, I would have to say that it is somewhat lacking. But it makes me feel like a winner anyway, all the same. :-)


And now back to my regularly scheduled separating zipper research, which is what I had Josh get my 'puter back out for in the first place. Unless someone here knows if there is a way or a product for turning continuous zipper into separating zipper?


But first let me say: "Holy mind-reading, Batman!" (Refering, of course, to the two otherwise identical entries recently writen from two people in places with different music playing.) Congrats guys! My parents have been married 28 years and they still can't do that! :-)


One other thing. Josh and I spent today at Starved Rock. It was lovely and my feet hurt now. Surprisingly it wasn't actually all that crowded out on the trails. Maybe we will post some photos at some point.
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I feel that we are two individuals leading one life. I wouldn't have it any other way. Since we decided to get married, everything either of us does impacts the other, and every major decision is likely to impact the other for the rest of our lives. There's no getting around that without having less of a relationship.

Each gear in a clock is no less an individual gear for being part of a clock, and the clock is no less a clock for being made up of individual gears. The collection of gears that become a clock become something more than the sum of their parts. Where as the clock that losses a gear becomes a partial clock, a broken clock. Each gear is still an individual gear, but also part of a broken clock which will never run correctly without the missing gear or a replacement. I think individuals and couples are like this. I am all of a person and half of a couple. I can't be one of these things more than I am the other, as each is true in the absolute. One and one is not two, nor is it one, it's three.
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This is just too funny...

And the priest says, "As long as you're popping out, I'm fine with it."
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"Your to young anyway IMO"

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I just love how a older, wiser, more mature woman than myself can sit there and tell me and a board full of other 22-ish-year-olds how we are too young, stupid, and irresponsible to get married, and at the same time speak out of the other side of her mouth and tell us how she knows we are too young, stupid, and irresponsible to get married: because her daughter screwed up, got herself engaged, and then pregnant and dumped before the wedding. Yes, clearly all 20-23 year olds are like this woman's 17 year old daughter. I'm so glad we have older, wiser, more mature women to share their wisdom with us. This woman is clearly smarter than I am. I never would have guessed that I am destined to be exactly like her daughter... I must be really dumb. I should run out and get divorced right now (and that would be totally more funny if I was pregnant).

* Yes, I'm kidding.
** No, I'm not pregnant.
*** My husband says "sarcastic" is more apt than "kidding"
**** Incidentally, this older, wiser, more mature woman is 38... you do the math.
***** I need to find something equally mind numbing and less stupid to do when I need a break from my sewing, scrapbooking, and other projects.
****** We need to go to bed.
******* This is a lot of stars.
******** Josh is going to make it up to me tomorrow (he played natural selection all night)
********* Asking my mom to cut my hair off short caused her to ask me if I was angry at my husband, go figure.
********** Why are you still reading?
*********** This post has gone from bad
************ to worse
************* And the question of the day (getting back to the original non-point of this post) never mind, it's far too stupid of a rhetorical question to ask.
************** Hey, I just thought of something equally mind numbing and less stupid to do when I need to take a break!
*************** Snood!
**************** Except for the less stupid part
***************** well, maybe it's less stupid, that a really tough call...
****************** I'll have to sleep on that one.
******************* After I mention that there should totally be a Snood mood theme.
******************** Why did I bother spell checking such a stupid LJ entry?
********************* If you read this far, you do not deserve a cookie, you need to go to bed
********************** or go play Snood.
*********************** Go away so I can stop typing!
************************ Okay, you want to know what really set me off?
************************* Somebody posted a list of what it means to be mature,
************************** and 15 out of 15 listed items say that I am mature.
*************************** GOD DAMN IT, I REFUSE TO BE MATURE.
**************************** I will do whatever it takes
***************************** (and if you've read this far I'm sure you believe me)
****************************** Too many stupid people in high school were mature
******************************* I refuse to have anything in common with them
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"We'd love to have a home, but an apartment is all we can afford"


Home = the place that you own?
Home = the place that you live?

Well, which one is it? How does renting make it less a home? If you live by yourself in a place that you own, while your family lives somewhere else in a rental... do you live more "in a home" than the person who lives with his family in a rental?

I think some people don't know the difference between the word "home" and the word "house"... or maybe we just rent our apartment and don't actually live here... could've fooled me...
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Okay, so while the sentiment behind these women wanting to donate their wedding gowns to Hurricane Katrina victims is certainly noble... but I must say these young women seem completely out of touch to me.

I mean, yeah, maybe YOU spent $3000 on your wedding dress, but do you know what made that dress worth more than the $50 to $100 dresses you find at second hand stores? It's the fact that YOU picked it out yourself and it was exactly the dress YOU wanted. Once that dress gets donated to some random bride-to-be refugee, it's just going to be another $50 to $100 random white dress that wasn't what she wanted. And she probably isn't even going to have a place to store it, let alone a clean place. It seems like a bigger contribution to the relief effort could be made by selling the dress on ebay (or maybe the engagement ring--ah, sacrilege!) and donating the proceeds to the Red Cross.

Of course, there's some sort of culture of wedding dresses that I just completely fail to understand in the first place... like, if you didn't want to keep it, why did you buy it instead of renting one or borrowing one?
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Of possible interest to a few people on my friends list:

I've created the community [ profile] weddingceremony for the exchange of wedding ceremonies to be used as an archive of examples, sources, and guides for couples writing and/or piecing together wedding ceremonies.
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People who I know in real life may disregard the following:

Dear You-Know-Who-You-Are,

Why didn't you want anyone else to see your comment?

What are you hiding?

Would anyone mind telling me what the hell is going on?

Why does history keep rewriting itself and deleting itself?

Mrs. On-The-Internet-No-One-Can-Tell-You're-Really-A-Goose
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Something tells me that if somebody has come to my journal and made an anonymous comment inviting me to a snark community, I probably don't want to take her up on it.

Or is that how snark communities are done these days?

And if said anonymous person comes back, I'd like to express to you how lame I think you are for hiding your identity. If you don't want anyone else to know who you are, you can write me a comment and then delete it--I'll get the email.


Jun. 10th, 2005 08:29 am
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Why do I always feel the need to feed the trolls.

Troll: "You're right, running away will only make things worse, and remember -it's your wedding and it's supposed to be a joyous event! Though if I were you, I would reconsider the shiny satin bloomers that you are making your FI and GMs wear."

Me: "I am not MAKING the groom and groomsmen wear them. Those are what my FI chose and talked me into spending hundreds of hours making."

Troll: "If your FI wants to wear shiny satin bloomers instead of normal pants at your wedding, I'd say that your mom is the least of your worries. I mean -- whatever floats your boat, but in 20 years how will you both feel about the shiny satin bloomers and white pirate's shirts?"

This wouldn't be so offensive if I hadn't clearly stated in the originial post that the wedding is less than two weeks away (not to mention that the post had nothing to do with the outfit, she must have been browsing my bio). Okay, that attitude toward anything I'd put so much time and effort into would be a little offensive (anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that if you feel that way about something like that you keep your mouth shut), but clearly her only goal is to make me feel bad because obviously if she did succeed in getting me to change my mind, it would be too late to change the outfits anyway. And even though I know this has probably nothing to do with the outfits and everything to do with her being a troll... it still just really pisses me off that people like that exist in the world.

Though it is really funny that she thinks I should be controlling what Josh wears to the wedding. Most brides first don't let their grooms have any say over the wedding dress, and second don't let their grooms see the dress until they walk down the aisle. Sadly she doesn't have any pictures posted in her bio, so I can't make a scathing remark about how slutty and feather-duster-ish her wedding dress probably is, and how timeless it no doubt isn't.
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My poll to weddingplans has some interesting results so far... (please, if you're reading about it here, don't fill it out unless you were already a member or regular reader of weddingplans)

As I think I've mentioned before, I've been doing a lot of ready lately about marriage, and who marries, and who stays married... it's been interesting.

So I read this article a few days ago about how even though premarital sex and cohabitation, statistically speaking, increase a person's odds of getting a divorce, premarital sex and/or cohabitation, when limited to the future spouse, do not. But that, of course, just begs the question: how many people actually marry their first sex or cohabitation partner? Because, really, if it's important to you that you marry your first sex or cohabitation partner, you really should wait until the wedding night.

But interestingly, at least in the subset of people on weddingplans who answered the poll so far, more than 1/3 are marrying their first sex partner, and more than 80% are marrying their first cohabitation partner.

The other interesting thing is how few serious relationships the respondents have had. Of course there is the problem that probably by the time you are engaged to the person you are going to marry, other relationships which might have seemed serious at the time don't seem as serious anymore. But I've been wondering for a long time what the odds of marrying your first serious SO are... and apparently they are a lot higher than I expected.
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Since when did 5 months approximately equal 2 years? Stupid people.


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