Thai Food

Nov. 5th, 2012 08:48 pm
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Question: How different could this Thai crab appetizer possibly be from Crab Rangoon?

Answer: I think they breaded a live crab and threw it in boiling oil. I imagine it will be quite good if I can manage to avoid looking at it...

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Cheryl says: "Just spoke with the new negotiator on 116th. He says we should have a response from the bank within 7 -10 business days. He wanted to wait a little longer to do an extension until we hear from the Bank."

Mark your calendar, because I'm seriously gonna need a hug in 7-10 days business days if we don't hear anything... 
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Sad day at work today. It's officially the end of the Ambulatory team. Said goodbye to Kelly, Francois, Jim, and Sitansu today. What's worse, I'm not done yet. Though at least I'm not going back down there until October 15th.

And holy cow have we had a lot of going away meals and cakes and stuff.

Right now I'm on my way over to our clinics from this wave to say goodbye on my way to the airport. Apparently they have something for me. Hope it's not rotten tomatoes. Probably not.

Got a great email from Krizel today saying that one of the SME I was working with was there telling her how much she loved what I built for them. She did her first new patient eval today and normally it takes her an extra hour to finish her documentation after the patient leaves, but with the new system she had it done before the patient left. Yay!

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Oh, right, and the question...

One day soon, after I get laid off and buy a garage, and before we have kids big enough for real beds (still really hoping the house will happen sooner of these), I want to make furniture like we had at Mudd.  Okay, don't need to make chairs or dressors or bookcases, but want to make beds and desks like we had at Mudd.  I have a picture or two of Frosh Chem furniture chess, and a couple scans of Rachel's photos that include the furniture, but... I'm still going to be going off my rapidly aging memory that hasn't actually seen the Mudd furniture in 8 years (WTF, has it really been that long?).  

So the question is, does anyone have any photos, blueprints, stolen furniture, etc that they might be able to share with me to help make this possible?

Also, anyone have photos of the quad furniture in alternate configurations?  Because Josh doesn't remember there being alternate configurations.

(Also, looking through my (pathetically small) collection of college photos tonight was so much fun. You guys were so goofy!)  

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... even though it seems most of you guys have abandoned us for Facebook... well, not you guys who are reading, but all those who evidently aren't anymore... 

I came on to post a quick question before bed.  But I think I might have posted this question before.  So I went looking for it.  Didn't find it, but did spend well over an hour reading a small fraction of my old entries.

I never would have written all this for me.  But in hindsight, I'm so glad I did write it.  So many memories almost completely forgotten, brought back to life.  So much of my 20s I wouldn't remember without a journal...

And I consider myself to have a very good memory.  And I don't do drugs.  Makes me wonder if the rest of the world remembers anything at all of their 20s...  
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Sometimes it is for the best when multiple things go wrong at once. I was pretty upset that my flight was going to be late this morning causing me to miss the meeting I had this morning (well, really cut it to ~45-1 hour when it was scheduled for 2 and a half hours). But here I am on my flight checking my email 15 minutes before my meeting was supposed to start and the server I needed to do the demo I am supposed to do is down for unknown reasons. Lucky me. Or something.

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Bike Ride

Jul. 23rd, 2012 06:22 am
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It seems I am terribly out of shape. Went on a 32 mile ride yesterday with my dad and Josh. There was a time when I could ride that far before lunch, but yesterday it was basically an all day affair.

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I didn't take very many pictures, but this was our furthest stop along the Spring Water Trail.

And this was the "Buddy Bike" we saw along the way. WANT!

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This must be like the coolest coffee table ever. Too bad I don't have a house yet. And that even used, stuff like this is rather expensive.

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The trouble with working 16 hours in a day is simply this: my next meeting is in 8 hours, and while I am exhausted, I am pumped rather sleepy. And I probably need a shower, not to mention a meal or two and a massage.

The work itself was fun and interesting today. When it isn't, I can't make myself work that long in one stretch.

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Mar. 13th, 2012 08:55 pm
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When I was a kid, I had nightmares about being unable to dial the telephone while someone was breaking into my house. (This after someone did break in while I was home alone--but I called my best friend and fortunately he lived next door and his dad chased the guy away, the cops showed up at least 30 minutes later.)

Now I have nightmares about being unable to dial the telephone to call into a meeting at work.

As a kid, I always figured I'd be afraid of fewer things once I was a grown-up. And that I would no longer be afraid of petty thing. Haha. If only.

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Good things about today:
- Delegating work to our newest employee (she started yesterday), and having it come back quickly and 100% correctly.
- Being so engaged in my work that somehow it got to be midnight.
- Pizza and cheesecake for dinner because everywhere else worth going was closed.
- Trading away my 8:30 meeting tomorrow morning.
- Getting the opportunity to pass off a project I spent too much time on and eventually gave up on a few months ago, and seeing my coworker finish it in like an hour because it was that close to completion. (He was just starting to investigate the same thing, and I saw a not-actually-irrelevant button in the corner of the screen, and BAM, I just knew the solution... Well, "knew" is an exaggeration, but I was able to pass on my prior work, and a suggested line of further inquiry, and it turned out to be correct.)
- Paid overtime.
- A fluffy down vest and warm gloves on a crisp late evening walk along Haight.
- Being able to provide a quick useful response to a frustrated customer in the middle of the night (not a full solution yet, but a work around and suspected root cause). Unfortunately, my work is also the suspected root cause.

Days like today, I almost don't mind being away from home. Almost.

After a day like today--and as tired as I know I will be tomorrow--I'm sure it'll be back on my head tomorrow.

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Feb. 21st, 2012 08:43 pm
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I think I see how people end up over budget with houses in the wrong location. It's like, all windows and exposed beams. Mmm...
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I've been looking over lots of South America guidebooks lately, trying to decide where I most want to go. Definitely the Inca trail to Machu Pichu (~1 week), and Iguaza/Iguaca Falls (~3 days). But where else to go with out other 4 and a half weeks.

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Before I begin to talk about a house, let me just say that my job is coming to an end, probably in September or October. This actually means it is lasting longer than planned (April), so it's not like, "OMG, I'm getting laid off."

However, people are constantly asking me what I'm going to do next. And with a certain tone and urgency that seems to say, "OMG, you're getting laid off." I appreciate the concern, but really, don't be concerned. I'm not.

What I am planning to do next is this: Go to South America for 6 weeks.

At the moment, I'm not really thinking much beyond that. But if I was betting, I'd bet that after 6 weeks in South America, my next priority will be getting pregnant.

But before all that, I kinda sorta want to buy a house. Actually, I really want to buy a house. I think that might be a bad idea, but it is definitely something I want.

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It seems that turning my rustic bread dough into focaccia is a yummy idea. I just pulled it out of the tightly covered glass bowl where it had been rising for 24 hours and placed it directly onto a preheated cast iron pizza pan, poked it with finger holes, and put olive oil over the top. I don't know how long I cooked it. Maybe 15-25 minutes. As usual, started with 50% whole wheat (plus some extra gluten) rather than the base white bread recipe. It was really good. And very much like the bread they use for the bruschetta at Buca. I'm going to make it next summer for bruschetta.

The inspiration for cooking focaccia more like pizza comes from all the "Pizza Bianca" we ate in Italy. Pizza Bianca, according to our guidebooks, is pizza without cheese or red sauce. But in real life, it was more like focaccia. Well, that and a bowl full of dough that we didn't want to take the time to give a second rise and bake in our conventional rustic bread manor, per the recipe above.

Too bad I won't be around to eat the rest of it this week.
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So much for my plan to clean, organize, and generally make progress on various projects around our home on the first weekend of the year. Instead, when I went into the guest bathroom to do some ironing I discovered 2 inches of nasty water backed up in the spare bathtub. So I guess we still got a "project around the house," but not so much with the making progress on stuff that's been bugging me thing. Instead, we've had to empty a storage closet and generally make a big mess.

We've already tried a snake, both from the bathtub drain, and from the washing machine drain without success. We've also done some experimentation to convince ourselves that none of the other drains in our unit are connected to this problem; they all drain just fine and don't seem to add to the volume of the bathtub.

We've bailed the bathtub twice. Water does not seem to be coming from our unit, so hopefully it will be the condo association's responsibility to pay for it if it comes to hiring a plumber.

In the mean time, we're still hoping to see the water level actually go down so that I'll feel a little more comfortable with the notion of using a chemical drain product on it.
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I never thought I'd say this, but I kind of wish I'd paid more attention in Archeoastronomy. I kind of blew off a lot of stuff about where the sun rises and sets throughout the year, since I knew a lot of my classmates couldn't hack the math, so I didn't need to know it either.

Our north-facing condo at the Round, and my time unemployed last year battling with SAD, showed me that the sun's path is more complicated than I ever bothered to notice before. I was surprised to discover that we actually did get some direct sunlight. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised, but I think of the sun as always being to the south (well, in Oregon anyway).

Okay, that's nice, so what? Well, when we buy a house, I want to make sure it gets enough light. I want it to be bright and happy like our south-facing condo in Chicago. Not like our north-facing cave in Madison, or our north-facing home now. My dream house would have the garage on the north side of the house, and big picture windows facing south and the back yard. It seems, however, that this was not a huge priority for developers in Beaverton.

We toured a great house last weekend. It's layout was just about perfect. Except that it had almost no windows facing south, although it was almost all windows to the north. Also, it's a little more than we'd prefer to spend, a little further from the light rail than we'd prefer to be, and has kind of a lot of freeway noise. I might have been able to forgive those things for all those windows if they faced south. It's on a hill, so limited options for adding south-facing windows.

Another house we are partial to faces a road slightly north of west, so the back, where the majority of the windows are, faces slightly south of east. Good morning light is a plus. The mostly south facing wall has almost no windows, but we could potentially add some. We're going to go see that one again on Saturday. And a few more I'm looking forward to seeing, though I don't think they will get particularly good light either.

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I think the 20 minutes of ads we couldn't skip past were better than the movie. One of them pointed out to me that my iPhone is a wang (I really don't think I need the app for that either, it so already is one just by it's very nature). Also, it was a good thing I read the book, or I think I would have had no idea what was going on.

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As much as I like to complain about LJ these days, since relatively few of us are still posting anything of substance, I should probably do my part and try to do a real update that isn't just complaining about work. I challenge the rest of you to do the same.


Aside from our 7-night backpack in the Emigrants that I need to post about, travel has kind of sucked lately. I really want to go on a big trip (like 1-2 weeks international), but I'm overwhelmed when it comes to getting the ball rolling. Considering the travel we've done already, it seems like this shouldn't be so hard. But if there's one thing I've learned about myself and travel, it's that I want to see it all and just can't make decisions very well.

Also, well, that other trip is going to be kind of a hard act to follow in so so many ways. The one currently rearing it's head at me is how damn expensive flights are. Going to Peru for 2 weeks should not cost 25% of what traveling the world for 5.5 months cost, but it looks like it will. It makes me think, "Maybe we should just save our money for another big trip down the road. Perhaps a Southern Hemisphere RTW trip." But I don't want to wait. And we probably just aren't going to do another trip like that before retirement. After all, we're going to have kids and a mortgage at some point, probably sooner rather than later. We're probably not going to be ballsy enough to quit our jobs to travel at that point, we were barely ballsy enough to do it before.

Speaking of mortgages and kids...


I find myself struggling with what I even want. On a day-to-day basis, I'm struggling with being gone all the time and worrying about leaving again whenever I am home. But that's a work thing for later.

Lately been getting together for board games most Sundays with [ profile] jianantonic and a few people she introduced us to. Didn't this weekend as I was tired from work. Gawd. I'm a basket case aren't I? Everything comes back to work. Not talking about it until later. Really. Anyway, the regular socialization and new friends are great.

We've also been looking at houses a little bit, but it seems like the right house just isn't on the market. I really want to buy a house because interest rates are so low. And because I want to put down roots. And because someone plays music late at night right by our bed. And because I just went to the Restore to window shop today (speaking of window shopping, they had this gorgeous bay window with window seat for only $300, all I need is a house to put it in!). And because I want to fix up a cool old house before we have a baby. And because I want to know we are staying in Beaverton. But... I also want to take another big trip someday... I also want to be free to move for contracts... I also really like living so close to the lightrail and my parents... and nobody is selling the house I want to buy in this neighborhood where I want to live.

We have also been talking about babies lately. I could say much the same things about them as the houses. Well, not so much with the interest rates or for sale aspect, plus some other ones like the whole part of promising to care for and love forever a person you haven't even met yet (it was hard enough to promise that to someone I'd already known for almost 5 years, was already in love with, and who was a grown up capable of partnership), but you get the idea. I'm 29 years old. I'm supposed to be done feeling this way. Or at least getting there. Instead, the list of things I want to do first has gotten longer since I was 22 years old, not shorter. What's up with that? Oh, right, all the things I've already done and WANT TO DO AGAIN! Maybe it would have been better to not know what I'd be missing.

Both of the above are complicated with questions of what I want to do as far as working after having children. I could write several long posts about this and probably will at some point, but in brief: I always planned that I wouldn't, but now I am less sure. If I keep working we could, for example, retire about 13 years earlier. Or buy that super-cute house in down town Beaverton. Or travel more. Or, more likely, split the difference. I try not to worry about this too much since, you know, so many women change their minds once they have the baby anyway. But at the same time, I don't want to buy a little house and decide to work, or buy a big house and want to stay home. Especially with home prices still falling, whatever house we buy, I want it to be one we are going to be happy to stay in for a long time. This says, clearly, that the house should come after a baby. On the other hand, if I am to fix up a house, that would be nice to start on before a baby. Of course, knowing my luck, indecisiveness, perfectionism, and complete lack of maternal instincts, I will probably be the first mother in the history of time who still doesn't know if she wants to work or stay home after the baby comes.


Normally I don't really set goals for myself. If you don't understand why I consider goals a bad idea for myself, read the previous topic. I especially normally don't set goals for myself at New Years. But last year I did. I've been meaning to say so for the past 10 months or so. My goal was to read 50 books in 2011. Now that's not really that many compared to a lot of people on my friends page, but it's a lot for most people, including me. I'm unlikely to make that goal as I am only at 39 books so far, and the year is almost gone. But 40-odd books in a year is still quite an accomplishment for me, and I read a lot of good books and a lot of books I've been meaning to read for years, so I feel good about it and am proud of myself. I will try again for 50 next year.

Another good thing that has come out of it is that I've memorized my library card number and learned how to use Overdrive to get both audio and print e-books from the library over the internet.


Now that I have gotten tired of writing, I will allow myself to talk about work. Because I write entirely way too much about work. Of course, you already knew that, but you don't know the extent of it because I only actually post on the internet about 10% of what I write about work. And of that, only about 10% is public. I write way too much about work.

Anyway, last Wednesday we had our wave 3 go-live. I started right at the wave 2 go-live, so this is basically all my work since starting this job getting put into action. It was pretty exciting and I worked a lot of hours. On Monday and Tuesday I worked a few hours getting my stuff completely done, and a lot of hours supporting other members of my team who weren't as responsible as I was probably had a lot more stuff they were responsible for than I did. Then on Wednesday and Thursday I worked a lot of hours in the Command Center fixing problems as they came up. And on Friday continued working issues from home, although I woke up feeling sick and therefore made it a short day so I could get some extra sleep. So far, everything is going well, but the Command Center is open through 12/2, so it's not like we are out of the woods yet. In fact, there were so many problems with ancillary systems and users being able to log in (not my job or even my team's job) that it's really too soon to say yet if the stuff I built is working out. Also, throughout the week, I lost a lot of sleep worrying about stuff.


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