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This whole home ownership thing can be pretty stressful. Even without much in the way of bad surprises (so far). We've been staying in the guest bedroom for the past few weeks, not counting this past week that I spent at the beach. It's finally something like done. Well, done enough to move back in. The baseboards need to be either painted or replaced (even if we'd done a good job with our edges--and we didn't--the previous painters did a really bad job of them), but that isn't on the agenda right now. And there is a little bit of trim needed too. But the big stuff is really coming along.

What we've been up to:

- Painted the wine red/purple parts of the walls Tuscan Olive. This is the same green as we used in the family room. It's dark, but quite a bit lighter than what was there before.

- Took down the broken drapes that didn't move up and down so we can actually see out the whole window.

- Refinished the tops of the dressers and nightstand. We got this bedroom set the summer after I graduated from college (almost 9 years ago now) at a garage sale for the princely sum of $125. We planned to get rid of them once we weren't poor college kids. That was before I knew how much good furniture cost new, LOL. And this furniture is good, just... old. Years ago I fixed the broken rail that kept one of Josh's drawers from working properly. Yesterday I finished refinishing the tops, which have had all kinds of nasty cup rings and chips and stuff the entire time we owned them, until now. And today as we were moving them back into the bedroom, I figured out why the drawers on mine don't work properly. I've been thinking surely I could fix them for ages, but been unsure about how to go about it. Well, looking at them with the drawers out today, I finally saw the signs of where things were supposed to come together, but were sagging instead. From there, it was relatively simple work to cut some shims so everything sits as it should. Now my drawers all go in and out without interfering with each other (previously if I wanted to open or close a bottom drawer, I had to lift the drawer above 1/8 inch; if I wanted to close the drawer above, I had to lift it 1/8 inch)... no big deal, but I'm excited to have it fixed.

- Mounted the dresser mirror on the wall instead of using the funky rails to connect it to the dresser. This means the dresser can hold it's own weight better than it did with the mirror mounted to it and doesn't need the funky middle leg that Roomba likes to kick out from under it. (Still need to add some little rubber "feet" to the corners of the mirror to keep it truly vertical.)

- Rearranged the furniture a bit more to my liking.

- Wall-mounted my new "nightstand" (which I've been setting atop something else I no longer want or have space for).

- Moved the hinges on one of the doors of the new nightstand from one side to the other so the door opens toward the bed so I can actually use it.

- Mounted our bedside lights.

- Cleaned up everything and put fresh sheets on the bed.

- Not in the master bedroom, but we stopped at a garage sale after grocery shopping and got a medicine cabinet which we installed in the master bathroom. It's not the medicine cabinet I want. I have plans to make a big recessed cabinet. But in the mean time, this one means we can get all the crap off the bathroom counter, which is rather wonderful.


Look, you can see out the window:

All done:


Hey, look, you can see reflections:
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