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It's raining, so I skipped my hike in Forest Park. However, I do really need to be doing some serious hiking this month. We booked out trip to Peru for April, and we are going to be hiking in Inca Trail. I'm super excited, but also afraid it is going to kick my butt. I think the hike will be only a little longer and not a lot more elevation than we did on Hawaii to Kalalau Valley in December, except it will be at over 10,000 ft above sea level, instead of basically at sea level. That's kind I huge. Plus, I could hardly walk after Kalalau after the 3 days and 24 miles to and from Kalalau.

Instead, I've been continuing to work on house stuff. I hardly feel like I've had the time/energy for that lately, so if feels good to be making progress. We cleared a bunch of stuff out of the garage last night and this morning (garbage, unpacking boxes, just organizing shit), and it's looking like we are getting a little bit close to being able to set up something like a work bench out there, and start unpacking and organizing tools. This will be good for taking on some bigger projects.

In the process, I finally found the timer thing that runs the lights along the walk up to the front door. It didn't seem to so anything, so I went to Home Depot for some specialty lights. I got the LED ones, which cost twice as much and give off half as much light as the halogen ones, but they are supposed to last 10x as long. Now I just need to figure out how to work the timer and wait for it to get dark so I can see if they are bright enough. And then install all the rest if I am satisfied. I kind of wanted to get those solar garden lights, but that's pretty silly given that these ones are already wired up.

I've also started repairing the "harp-back" chairs my mother gave me yesterday. After many years of telling her I didn't want them (we've owned way too many chairs for our apartments for ages), I'm pretty excited about them now that we seem to be short on seating in our big new house! They need quite a lot of work, but I love that they are super petite.

Oh, and I'll share some photos. Our garage that is starting to become not completely full o stuff:

Our family room with fresh green paint and the 4 harp-backed chairs:

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